Book Review: Black Order

By Aleena Khan ( Asst.Editor )
Miliary College of Signals

Black Order is an intriguing novel by James Rollin. The Book is a scientific thriller but not just any ordinary thriller but it keeps you spell bound for hours…a great page turner.

The Book is based on the Nazi technology “The Bell”. The quest for this lost technology that the Nazis had been working on to create a race of super men. The tale takes us across four continents, from the auction rooms of Copenhagen to the wilds of South Africa to the frozen heights of Nepal. The characters are well thought-out and believable. Even the Nazis, both full-bore and post-Nazi, have something about them that makes them interesting and human.
The book gets you on a roller coaster ride and it is so amazingly drafted that subconsciously the reader gets to learn about the history of Nazi, the SS group and about the World Wars.
If you are into scientific thrillers or you like digging up historical events or  you love action oriented readings than Black Order is a real treat for you. Go for it and embrace yourselves for a long journey that will keep you enthralled until the end. Bon voyage :D


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