In Memory Of Our Student Fellows - 8 October 2005

How Education was effected..

8 October, 2005 - a red lighted day when the northern areas of Pakistan experienced one of the worst earthquakes of all times. Millions were left homeless and hundreds lost their lives in this breath taking disaster.

Each and everything was affected by this unprecedented disaster, which occured at 8:51 am, . Students, colleges, universites and schools were badly affected by the earthquake. According to different estimated 10,000 school buildings and 960,000 students have been affected by the earthquake.

In NWFP the earthquake affected 6,704 school buildings. Universites was also badly affected. In Mansehra district, two school tents were set up and three schools were closed till 30th Octrober 2005. In Bagh, a tent high school was opened in Chitra Topi with 30 students and the Sanghar Primary School was reopened on 24th October 2005. In Muzzaffarabad the government had reopened educational institutions by 1st November 2005 but their names and locations were not specified.

This disaster was breath taking for lot of students. It affected students in every way , mentallly and physically.

Let's pray for the departed souls. May Allah bless them with Maghfirah and peace in Jannah; and for the affectees who lost their limbs, families, homes, business and lot more we'd never be able to even comprehend. May Allah's blessings be with them always.Ameen!


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