IIUI Strikes Again! New Timetable?

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. --Charles Darwin

IIUI from 26th September 2011 - 9th October 2011

26th September: Strike by Students due to hostel issues
1st October: Saturday ( holiday )
2nd October: Sunday (holiday)
3rd October: Strike by Students due to death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri assassin of former Governor, Salman Taseer.
7th October: Strike again against death sentence of a Assasin.
8th October: Saturday (holiday)
9th October: Sunday (holiday)

26th September 2011- 7th October 2011 : 14days 
IIUI is off for 7 day out of 14 days.

Students are future of country and the waste of Students' time could prove fatal.

All the Students condemn loss of every moment of Students.


  1. Extremist is anybody who holds extreme views or advocates extreme practices. The author has used right word.

  2. one more strike coming up on monday.... it was cnfirm till yesterday but cant say anything about monday... think so there is a strike... no info y but there is..... possibility

  3. An interesting take on the idea of extremism is to define an extremist as one who is unbalanced. That is to say, Iman (faith), Islam (practice) and Ihsan (devotion) are the three basic fundamentals of the din. They can be conceptualied as a three-legged stool. IF all three are applied correctly, are of the right 'length,' and strong, then the stool will support one's weight. If one is defective, the stool will topple or collapse. It appears that most of the extreme groups thoughout our history have had a deficiency in one of these three pillars, often caused by an unhealthy pre-ocupation with another. For exampe, these 'jihadis' have developed an unhealthy fascination with military jihad at the expense of good character, which is why they can quite rationally square blowing poeple up, attacking churches and cutting off civilian heads with good Islamic practice.

    Another hallmark of extremism is the large ego - one feels that one's own supposed piety and righteousness render one better than everyone else, including scholars. Therefore, whoever disagrees with such a person is automatically incorrect. We shoudl be more like Imam Shafi who, in a debate with a lesser scholar said, 'I am right with the possibility of being wrong; he is wrong with the possibility of being right.' One finds this totally lacking among both extremists and many ordinary people as well - it is perhaps a universal human failing that is accentuated in people who are zealous about anything.


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