Headline, June 11 2024/ REPORT : ''' ONLINE DECEPTION ONLIVE '''



OPENAI'S TOOLS EVIDENT IN DISINFORMATION EFFORTS. Two countries are cited in a report for using A.I. in covert influence campaigns.

OpenAI said in the past week that it had identified and disrupted five online campaigns that used its generative artificial intelligence technologies to deceptively manipulate public opinion around the world and influence geopolitics.

The efforts were run by state actors and private companies in Russia, China, Iran and Israel, OpenAI said in a report about covert influence campaigns.

The operations used OpenAI's technology to generate social media posts, translate and edit articles, write headlines and debug computer programs, typically to win support for political campaigns or to swing public opinion in geopolitical conflicts.

OpenAI's report is the first time that a major A.I. company has revealed how its specific tools were used for such online deception, social media researchers said. 

The recent rise of generative A.I. has raised questions about how the technology might contribute to online disinformation, especially in a year with major elections across the globe.

Ben Nimmo, a principal investigator for OpenAI, said that after all the speculation on the use of generative A.I. in such campaigns, the company aimed to show the realities of how the technology was changing online deception.

'' Our case studies provide examples from some of the most widely reported and longest-running influence campaigns that are currently active,'' he said.

The campaigns often used OpenAI's technology to post political content, Mr. Nimmo said, but the company had difficulty in determining if they were focusing on specific elections or aiming just to rile people up. He added that the campaigns had failed to gain much traction and that the A.I. tools did not appear to have expanded their reach or impact.

'' These influence operations still struggle to build an audience,'' Mr. Nimmo said.

But Graham Brookie, the senior director of the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Labs, warned that the online disinformation landscape could change as generative A.I. technology grew increasingly powerful.

In the past week, OpenAI, which makes the ChatGPT chatbot, said it had started training a new flagship A.I. model that would bring '' the next level of capabilities.''

'' This is a new type of a tool,'' Mr.Brooke said. '' It remains to be seen what effect it will have.''

[ The New York Times has sued OpenAI and its partner, Microsoft, claiming copyright infringement of news content related to A.I. systems.]

Like Google, Meta and Microsoft, OpenAI offers online chatbots and other A.I. tools that can write social media posts, generate photorealistic images and write computer programs.

In its report, the company said its tools had been used in influence campaigns that researchers had tracked for years, including a Russian campaign called Doppelganger and a Chinese campaign called Spamouflage.

The Doppelganger campaign used OpenAI's technology to generate anti-Ukraine comments that were posted on X in English, French, German, Italian and Polish, OpenAI said.

The company's tools were also used to translate and edit articles that supported Russia in the war in Ukraine into English and French and to convert anti-Ukraine news articles into Facebook posts.

OpenAI's tools were also used in a previously unknown Russian campaign aimed at people in Ukraine, Moldova, and Baltic States and the United States, mostly via the Telegram messaging service, the company said.

The campaign used A.I. to generate comments in Russian and English about the war in Ukraine, as well as the political situation in Moldova and American politics.

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