'' AND one is not the enemy of the other. People don't like being accused, perhaps don't like being condemned, people don't like being alienated. It's a matter of conversation and persuasion.''

That's consistent with the message delivered by Loretta Ross, a longtime racial justice and human rights advocate, through her teaching, public speaking and writing.

Troubled by the frequent targeting and pillorying of people on social media, she urged the practice of calling in rather than calling out those who've upset you. 

''Call-outs make people fearful of being targeted,'' she wrote in a guest essay for Times Opinion.

'' People avoid meaningful conversations when hypervigilant perfectionists point out apparent mistakes, feeding the cannibalistic maw of the cancel culture.''

Instead she advised, engage them. If you believe they need enlightenment, try that route, '' without the self-indulgence of drama,'' she wrote.

The World Students Society thanks Professor Frank Bruni.


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