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WITH ALMIGHTY GOD'S BLESSINGS - The world at large and the students of the entire world have begun to recognize and appreciate that '' The World Students Society '' is a multi-trillion Dollar idea, and that's just unfolding.

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'' HE DIDN'T INVENT BITCOIN. CASE CLOSED. '' Cryptocurrency enthusiast insisted for years he had, but a court ruled otherwise.

For much of its existence, the cryptocurrency company nChain was governed by a rule of office politics : It was not a good idea to challenge Craig Steven Wright, the chief science officer.

At nChain's London offices, Dr. Wright, an Australian computer scientist, was treated as a sort of philosopher king.  

He wore three-piece suits and drove a Lamborghini. A middle manager would tape Dr. Wright's ramblings about technical matters and then share the recordings with a staff of researchers, who were instructed to turn his musings into patents.

In 2017, Martin Sewell, an nChain employee, circulated a skeptical memo documenting technical errors in a series of papers that Dr. Wright had published about economics and computer science. A manager called Mr. Sewell into his office and told him that he had to stop.

Indeed, Dr. Wright's authority rested on a claim to a kind of divine significance - that he was the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency.

In 2008, a person using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper explaining the basics of Bitcoin, a clever idea that eventually became the foundation of a multitrillion dollar industry.

Then, as abruptly as he had emerged, he vanished. Satoshi, who's known by his first name, controls an estimated  1.1 million Bitcoins, a $75 billion stash that has sat untouched for more than a decade.

The mystery of Satoshi's identity, has long obsessed crypto experts, who analyze every record of his communications with the reverence of Talmudic scholars. 

Various candidates have been proposed as possible Satoshis, only for them to deny any role in Bitcoin creation.

A JUDGE DECIDES : AT FIRST GLANCE - the page of notes scrawled on a Quill pad looks like an artifact of potentially historic significance.

Dated August 2007, the notes summarize a meeting that Dr. Wright held with a colleague in which he discussed a new form of digital money that passes directly from person to person, without an intermediary to oversee the transaction. A list of follow-up steps mentions a '' paper '' set for publication in 2008.

The notes were part of a cache of more than 100 '' reliance documents '' that Dr. Wright filed in High Court as evidence that he invented Bitcoin - the '' identity claim, '' as the judge described it.

Before the trial began in February, a forensic expert hired by COPA submitted to the court an analysis finding that the vast majority of the documents had been doctored.

The notebook was one of them. A sworn statement from Hamelin Brands, the parent company of Quill, revealed that the pad didn't go into circulation until 2012, four years after Bitcoin was invented. 

Dr Wright took the witness stand in the first week of the trial and insisted that the company was mistaken about the provenance of its own pad.

'' Dr. Wright,'' COPA's lawyer responded, '' you are making this up as you go along.'' 

REJECTED by much of the crypto industry, Dr. Wright pressed his claim to Satoshi-dom in the courts, pursuing litigation that Mr. Ayre helped finance.

By 2022, his defamation battle reached Norway, where Magnus Granath, the little-known Bitcoin enthusiast who had accused him of fraud on social media, won a judgment against him.

That year, Dr. Wright also sued the Bitcoin coders, claiming copyright infringement.

'' He seems to have enough money and backing from others that he can make good on his threats to ruin people financially by bringing expensive litigation,'' Steve Lee, a manager at Block, a company that Mr. Dorsey co-founded after Twitter, said in a court filing last year.

Mr. Lee was part of the coalition of prominent crypto companies called the Crypto Open Patent Alliance, or COPA, which was founded to stop patent rules from preventing the development of crypto technology.

In 2021, Dr. Wright's lawyers asked COPA and its members to remove the Bitcoin paper from their websites. COPA responded by suing Dr. Wright in High Court in London, seeking a ruling that he did not invent Bitcoin.

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