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* ELIXIRS * '''

FOR PROUD PAKISTAN - THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - has the honour to state that !WOW! has managed to accomplish, with Almighty God's guidance and blessings, our core objective :

IN A STIRRING DECLARATION, H.E. Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif has thrust the issue of '' Pakistan's Education Crisis '' into the national spotlight, invoking a sense of urgency and collective responsibility.

WITH OVER 26 million children out of school and alarming rates of illiteracy, the PM's call for an '' Education Emergency '' resonates deeply with the pressing need to address this longstanding mortal challenge.

BY PLEDGING PERSONAL oversight and transcending political divides, PM Shebaz has signalled a commitment to marshal all available resources and expertise towards a common goal : '' MAKING PROUD PAKISTAN one of the most educated societies in the world. ''

SOMETIMES, IN WARS and revolutions, fundamental change arrives with a big bang. More often it creeps on you. That is the way with what we are calling '' Educational Economics.''

For !WOW!, this great moment with dreams and thoughts and hard work only came about to fruition because of the support of the students of the entire world - led by the students of America - and the esteemed Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society. So,.......... !WOW! must Plan for the road ahead.

We will all do well to remember disillusionment will eventually set in. That is because past fiscal problems catches up with the indebted governments, for perhaps, the rent-seekers greed will become too hard to conceal. Or a stagnating, repressive '' world and wars '' may not hold out the promise of human-directed prosperity.

ON !WOW! - the least visible, but potentially most costly flaw is that we are a blunt instrument in time of a very rapid change. The energy and Artificial Intelligence transitions are too big for any government to plan.

Nobody knows the cheapest ways to decarbonise or best uses of new technology. Ideas need to be tested and channelled by markets, not governed by checklists from the centre.

MILLIONS BY MILLIONS the students are coming on !WOW!. The host Global Founder Framers are doing exceptional work in restraining and holding things to remain very orderly.

! FIRST AND FOREMOST ! It is a great honour to nominate Dr. M. Jawad Khan Yusufzai - University of California - as a lifelong member of !WOW!.

He should consider overseeing '' monitoring and evaluation '' of  Pakistan's ' Educational Track Made Good ' for The World Students Society.

.-  For a great beginning he should study and understand the entirety and scope of the problem to avoid misdiagnosis.

.-  Pakistan's educational statistics, however, present a stark and sobering reality, with more children out of school in Pakistan than the entire population of many nations.

.-  The curriculum and pedagogical approach in Pakistan's schools also warrants scrutiny as over 70%  of children in Pakistan struggle to read or understand text.

.-  Critics argue that the current curriculum lacks relevance to the needs of the rapidly evolving societies, emphasising rote memorisation over critical thinking and problem solving skills.

.-  Another pressing issue facing Pakistan's education system is the chronic underfunding misallocation of resources.

.-  Despite constitutional guarantees of free and compulsory education, government spending on education remains insufficient. 

.-  Things on the administrative side are riddled with systemic inefficiencies and corruption.

.-  Bureaucratic red tape, political interference and nepotism undermine efforts to improve accountability and transparency.

Yet, challenges of this magnitude are not insurmountable. It is fairly clear what needs to be done and only a sincere professional at the helm is required.

Drawing inspiration from nations like Germany, and Japan, who rose from adversity to become global leaders, there is hope in the transformative power of education.

Pakistan's youthful population presents a demographic dividend that, if harnessed effectively, could drive innovation and growth.

ANYONE DOE-EYED about the arc of history bending towards progress should remember that a century ago Argentina was about as rich as Switzerland.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Pakistan, Challenges Present and Future continues. The World Students Society thanks the Editorial Board of Express Tribune and The Economist.

With most respectful dedication to H.E. Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, Dr. M Jawad Khan Yusufzai,  the People of Pakistan, the Global Founder Framers of !WOW!, and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

See You all prepare for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society - the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter X !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

Good Night and God Bless

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