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A.I. : ''' HUMAN


GENERATIVE A.I. TECHNOLOGIES are driven by what scientists call a neural network, a mathematical system that learns skills by analyzing vast amounts of data.

The image creator Midjourney, for example, is underpinned by a neural network that has analyzed millions of digital images and the captions that describe each of those images. The system learned to recognize the links between the images and the words.

GENERATIVE TECHNOLOGIES CAN WRITE POETRY and computer programs or create images of teddy bears and videos of cartoon characters that look like something from a Hollywood movie.

NOW, new A.I. technology is generating blueprints for microscopic biological mechanisms that can edit your DNA, pointing to a future when scientists can battle illness and diseases with even greater precision and speed than they can today.

Described in a research paper published recently by a Berkeley, Calif, startup called Profluent, the technology is based on the same methods that drive ChatGPT, the online chatbot that launched the A.I. boom after its release in 2022.

Much as ChatGPT learns to generate language by analyzing Wikipedia articles, books and chat logs, Profluent's technology creates new gene editors after analyzing enormous amounts of biological data, including microscopic mechanisms that scientists already use to edit human DNA.

These gene editors are based on Nobel-Prize winning methods involving biological mechanisms called CRISPR.

Technology based on CRISPR is already changing how scientists study and fight illness and disease,  providing a way of altering genes that cause hereditary conditions, such as sickle, anemia and blindness.

Previously, CRISPR methods used mechanisms found in nature - biological material gleaned from bacteria that allows these microscopic organisms to fight off germs.

'' They have never existed on Earth, '' said James Fraser, a professor and chair of the department of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, who has read Profluent's research paper. '' The system has created from nature to create them, but they are new.''

The hope is that the technology will eventually produce gene editors that are more nimble and more powerful than those that have been honed over billions of years of evolution.

One Monday, Profluent also said that it had used one of those A.I. generated gene editors to edit human DNA and that it was '' open sourcing '' this editor, called OpenCRISPR-1. That means it is allowing individuals, academic labs and companies to experiment with the technology free.

A.I. researchers often open source the underlying software that drives their A.I.systems, because it allows others to build on their work and accelerate the development of new technologies. 

But it is less common for biological labs and pharmaceutical companies to open source inventions like OpenCRISPR-1.

Though Profluent is open sourcing the gene editors generated by its A.I. technology, it is not open sourcing the A.I. technology itself.

The project is part of a wider effort to build A.I. technologies that can improve medical care. 

Scientists at the University of Washington, for instance, are using the methods behind chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT and image generators like Midjourney to create new proteins - the microscopic molecules that drive all human life - as they work to accelerate the development of new vaccines and medicines.

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