Headline, May 03 2024/ DEVIL : ''' ALL NIGHTS A.I. '''


 ''' ALL NIGHTS A.I. '''

TRANSCENDENCE : FOR PROUD PAKISTAN THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY APPEALS, most respectfully and humbly to the whole nation, I repeat, to the whole nation, to pay back more than TAXES to your nation.

IF YOU DON'T HELP PROUD PAKISTAN get out of this mortal quagmire, you will only turn into a worldly garbage criminal dump. '' Don't crank the knob all the way. ''

IF THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY can endeavour to make Pakistan look and feel better, we might as well !WOW! must help reverse the deterioration. There are a million reasons why Proud Pakistan is not facing the future. Now is the opportunity to improve it for the present and future generations.

The World Students Society and the suffering people of Pakistan, and the students of the entire world, led by the great students of America, are very upset. To say the least.

A.I. sharpening and its discontents. Some viewers are objecting to the look of movies restored by machine-learning technologies.

'' People love great movies, which I think is great,'' said Geoff Burdock, a senior VP at James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. '' And they take that love to heart. So when a movie doesn't look like they remember it looking, or the way they think they remember it looking, or it just doesn't look the way they think it should, they get upset. What can you do? ''

It doesn't help that there is a stigma around the A.I.technology. Dissenters not only bristle at the appearance of these restorations - they are also unhappy that it is A.I. being used to make them appear that way.

Generative A.I. is a type of machine learning model that creates information including images and videos, from users prompts. A.I. upscaling is subtler and less intrusive, using machine learning to refine an image without inventing new material from scratch.

Generative A.I. could, say, add more aliens to '' Aliens. '' A.I. upscaling just adds more pixels, polishing the pre-existing images.

ERIC YANG - THE FOUNDER OF A.I. UPSCALING COMPANY '' Topaz Labs '' said that one one of the main differences between A.I. upscaling and generative A.I. was fidelity to the original source.

With upscaling, '' the enhancement that you get does not measurably change the meaning or the content of the image.''

Nevertheless, he said that misunderstandings about the technology have given the whole enterprise a certain ignominy.

'' People try not to talk about it,'' he said. '' Nobody likes to say that their FILM was A.I. upscaled or that a certain release had A.I. applied to it.''

The reluctance to admit to using A.I. is understandable given some recent controversies.

In 2021, the filmmaker Morgan Neville came under fire when it was revealed that his documentary '' Roadrunner '' used A.I. software to create a deepfaked version of Anthony Bourdain's voice for narration, last month, the horror film '' Late Night With the Devil '' was criticized for using A.I. generated imagery, with some critics going so far as to call for the film's boycott.

Although '' Get Back '' and '' We Shall Not Grow Old, '' which involved footage from World War 1, made extensive use of the same A.I. processes, they did not receive as much criticism. That's partly because of the condition of the source material :

Both films took damaged archival images and appeared to reverse the deterioration, and in one case, to also colorize it. By contrast, the recent Cameron restorations were based on new 4K scans of the original negative, more of which needed extensive repair of that kind.

'' It's not a question of the negative being damaged,'' Burdick conceded. '' But back on the set, maybe you picked the shot that had the most spectacular performance, but the focus puller was a bit off, so it's a bit soft.

There could be a million reasons why it's not perfect. So now there's an opportunity to just go in and improve it. '' The A.I. can artificially refocus as out-of-focus image, as well as make creative tweaks. 

'' You don't want to crank the knob all the way because then it'll look like garbage,'' Burdick said. '' But if we can make it look a little better, we might as well.''

For viewers like Person, the problem is what those minor enhancements entail. That uncanny smoothness though perhaps more in focus, can look oddly fake.

"I don't want to sound anal, but it really is egregious, '' Pearson said. ''It's the same thing as TV motion smoothing - they say it's better, so you feel like you're the one person cursed with the vision who can see that it looks bad.

'' It's plasticine, smooth, embossed at the edges. Skin texture doesn't look correct. It all looks a little unreal.''

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