Are you worried about Artificial Intelligence ? : The problem is there's multiple flavors of A.I., some of which aren't here yet.

Artificial Intelligence is a giant question mark. I think we should definitely pump the brakes on that.

In terms of generative A.I. ....... that's really interesting because the data they scrape is all the imagery that human beings have ever created. We're putting our subconscious mind out into the world, and its coming back to us through these images.

That's why they are so compelling, because it's really us writ large.

We're going to learn something about consciousness and about art.

But there's no original. There's no paint on a canvas. You can use gen-AI to create music, but you can't take it on the road.

I think the human artist becomes more important. Music is going to have to be about the actual moment of performance.

The World Students Society thanks filmmaker James Cameron for his opinion.


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