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JANE GOODALL - THE PRIMATOLOGIST, RECENTLY TURNED 90 : "' I'm seeing humanity as at the mouth of a very long dark tunnel. And right at the end is a little star - that's hope.''...... It's probably  The World Students Society?

Are you ready for the Jane Goodall Experience? It's getting ready for you.

'' Dr. Jane's Dream,'' an immersive spectacle by former Walt Disney Imagineers and African artisans celebrating their groundbreaking English primatologist and environmental activist, is taking form in a cultural complex in Tanzania.

Its debut, in the safari gateway of Arusha, between Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park, is planned around World Chimpanzee Day, July 14, 2025 a date marking 65 years since Goodall, then a 26-year-old novice researcher chaperoned by her mother, landed at the Gomber forest reserve to begin her field work for Louis Leakey, the archaeologist and anthropologist.

Within months she upended scientific doctrine by observing an adult male chimp she called David Greybeard raid a termite mound, stripping leaves from a hollow branch to extract and eat the insects. 

At the time, the making and using of tools had long been thought a hallmark of humans.

Since then, Goodall, who turned 90 on April 3 during an exhausting American tour, has been lionised  [or aped] in books and movies. 

She's a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and a United Nations Messenger of Peace. And champion of a global crusade of young people and young celebrities like Prince Harry and Leonardo DiCaprio fighting deforestation, climate change, pollution and factory farming.

Her nonprofit Jane Goodall Institute in the United States is projected to raise $30 million this year, with additional millions raised by the other 25 chapters worldwide, a spokesman said. Her youth movement,  Roots and Shoots, operates in 70 countries.

But she has never been presented like this - in an immersive tribute by African artists and Disney veterans. Disney has called Imagineering the '' blending of creative imagination with technical know-how.'' But '' Dr. Jane's Dream '' is not a Disney project ; rather, it taps into storytelling techniques used by some of its former innovators.

At '' Dr Jane's Dream. '' Goodall said in New York recently, '' there's a tent where my mom and I were two little peepholes looking out into the world of chimps.'' Visitors will be challenged : '' They go into this dream world and are going to have to investigate. It's like an adventure.''

Goodall is now on one of her globe-circling journeys that keep her traveling some 300 days a year. 

She flew to New York from the West Coast at the end of March ; after a spell in Canada and a few days back home in Bournemouth, England, she is booked for trips to Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia.

Since Jan 12, she calculated, she has slept in her own bed five nights. '' Dr Jane's Dream'' is unfolding at the Arusha Cultural Heritage Center, opened in 1994 by Saifuddin Khanbhai, whose great-grandfather from India established a trading outpost in British colonial Tanganyika in the 1800s.

Khanbhai offered Goodall a location on the five-acre heritage site, and a complex of half-dozen buildings and four huts displaying work by some 3,000 artists and jewelers and showcasing the region's blue gemstone, Tanzanite.

'' WE just connected so well,'' Khanbhai said in an interview. '' I'm a man of chemistry. If it works, it works.''

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