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HOW FEARLESSNESS HAS SHAPED HUMAN AFFAIRS : '' FEAR : AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and The World Students Society - the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world. ''

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ONE OF THE bestselling books of all time was about the witches. It was not a cheerful romp like the Harry Potter novels. Instead, it was a serious instruction manual, explaining how to identify, capture, torture confessions from - and eventually kill - Satan's handmaidens.

Published in 1486, '' MALLEUS MALEFICARUM '' [ '' Hammer of the Witches '' ] reportedly sold more copies over the next two centuries than any book but the Bible.

As Robert Peckham, a fellow at the Royal Historical Society in London writes in '' Fear : An Alternative History of the World '', anxiety about witches sprang from ignorance. Knowing nothing of my microbes, people guessed that misfortunes such as disease were caused by magic.

Yet their fear could be manipulated for political purposes. Christendom was split in the 16th century, with the pope and various Protestant potentates vying for control. Exterminating witches was a handy way for an earthly ruler to signal which side he was on : God's, not the Devil's.

Fear is a primal, necessary emotion, Mr. Peckham calls it '' a neurobiological process to keep us alive ''.  If our ancestors had not feared cliff-edges, or sabre toothed tigers, we might not be here today.

The flipside is that, since humans are a communicative, imaginative species. Fear can be conjured out of whispers.

His book does not quite live up to its ambitious subtitle, but it illuminates the many ways in which fear has shaped human behaviour over the past 700 years, from which readers can draw lessons for the present.

The main one is : '' Power depends on fear.'' Mr. Peckham argues that the turmoil of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation stemmed partly from Catholic Church's loss of its '' monopoly on fear '' in western Europe.

For a thousand years it had convinced people that it alone held the keys to the afterlife. It could turn people's fear of eternal torment into cash by selling indulgences.

One peddler of these '' get-out-of-purgatory '' certificates.

Johann Tetzel, used to frighten congregations into paying up '' by conjuring up visions of their dead parents wailing for mercy '' while being tortured by demons.

When Martin Luther rebelled against such abuses, many people were no doubt swayed by his theological arguments. But an additional incentive for the kings who declared their realms Protestants was that they could then shake off the pope's temporal authority and wield some of his awesome tools to support their own states.

Much of the book was written during the covid-19 pandemic, so the author naturally ponders the fear of infection - and its manipulation by the powerful.

WHEN the Black Death struck Europe, rumours spread that unpopular minorities, such as ''Jews, Muslims, paupers, lepers and foreigners'', '' might be '' malevolent carriers of contagion''. Horrific persecution followed.

Terrified of the social unrest stirred up by the plague, the ruling class was happy to direct popular rage towards targets other than themselves. Some had other motives, too.

The bishop of Strasbourg, who had 2,000 Jews burned to death one day in 1349, owed huge sums to Jewish moneylenders.

Covid was less awful than the Black Death. Medicine has advanced over the centuries, but human nature changed rather less.

Fear of the coronavirus seeded all manner of conspiracy theories, and many governments took advantage of pandemic panic to suppress civil liberties.

While living in Hong Kong, Mr. Peckham observed first-hand how the Chinese Communist Party used the virus as an excuse to ban pro-democracy protests that had rocked the place in 2019-20.

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! FEAR : An Alternative History of the World by Robert Peckham !.

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