OSCAR-winning composer Hans Zimmer is reportedly gearing up for his Bollywood debut alongside legendary musician AR Rahman in the highly anticipated epic adaptation of Ramayana, as per Hindustan Times and Pinkvilla.

The news comes as filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari embarks on the ambitious project, with a star-studded cast including Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, Sunny Deol, and Yash in pivotal roles.

According to a recent report by Pinkvilla, Tiwari and producer Namit Malhotra have secured the collaboration of two of the most celebrated composers in the world, Hans Zimmer and AR Rahman, for  Ramayana.

Zimmer, known for his iconic scores in blockbuster films such as Interstellar, and The Dark Knight Trilogy among others, is poised to lend his musical expertise to the Indian epic.

A source close to the production revealed to the portal :

'' Hans Zimmer is gearing up to make his debut in the Indian film industry with Ramayana. Namit Malhotra and Nitesh Tiwari have always been vocal about their global vision for this Indian epic and they are leaving no stone unturned to make that a reality. Zimmer is also fascinated by the vision for the story.''

The collaboration between Zimmer and Rahman, who is already renowned for his groundbreaking work in Indian and International music, was described as a ''match made in heaven'' by the source. 

With both composers bringing their unparalleled talents to the table, Ramayana is poised to captivate audiences worldwide with its rich and immersive musical landscape.

The first instalment of the Ramayana trilogy is currently in production and is touted to be the most expensive film in Indian cinema history.

With Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, Sunny Deol, and Yash set to portray iconic characters from the epic saga, anticipation for the film is already sky-high. Fan can expect a visual spectacle of epic proportions, coupled with Zimmer and Rahman's masterful musical compositions.

While specific details about the film's release are yet to be confirmed, it is speculated that Ramayana might hit the big screens around Diwali 2025. As the project continues to unfold, cinephiles and music enthusiasts alike eagerly await the cinematic marvel that the offering has been built up to be.

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