Meat - Consumption - Messy


Princeton Bioethics professor Peter Singer challenges our factory food systems, the underlying psychology that fuels them, and shares a path towards more ethical eating.

Peter Singer, professor of Bioethics and author of "Animal Liberation Now," examines the deep-seated issues within our food systems, highlighting the ethical dilemmas surrounding animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and consumer choices. 

Through a critical lens, Singer unveils the realities of factory farming, from the confinement of egg-laying hens to the rapid growth of broiler chickens, questioning the moral justifications of speciesism and advocating for a shift towards ethical eating. He argues for the importance of considering the capacity for suffering in determining moral status, proposing plant-based diets and cultured meat as viable, sustainable alternatives. 

Singer’s interview encourages viewers to reflect on the impact of their dietary habits, offering insights into how informed choices can contribute to a more ethical and sustainable future.

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