HBO's highly anticipated series, House of the Dragon, has unleashed a tantalising glimpse into its forthcoming second season, igniting fervent speculation and excitement among fans.

With the premier slated for June 16, the network dropped not one, but two distinct trailers for the upcoming installment.

Set 200 years before the gripping events of Game of Thrones, Season 2 plunges viewers into the heart of the Dance of the Dragons, a savage civil war tearing through the Targaryen dynasty.

With one trailer draped in the ominous hues of Rhaenyra's black faction and the other pulsating with emerald glow of Alicent's green team, audiences are urged to pick sides in the simmering conflict that threatens to tear Westeros asunder.

The trailers offer a compelling glimpse into the divergent paths of these two rival factions. One trailer unfurls the brooding strongholds of Dragonstone, where Rhaenyra, alongside Prince Daemon and other forces, marshals their might in preparation for the impending clash.

Meanwhile, the other trailer thrusts viewers into the political cauldron of King's Landing, where Alicent, aided by her father Otto and her sons king Aegon and Prince Aemond, manoeuvers to secure her grip on power.

Amidst the deluge of reactions on the internet, one sentiment resonates loudly : admiration for HBO's cunning two-trailer strategy. 

'' Making two trailers for House of the Dragon to make people choose a side is kind of genius, actually ....... Anyways, I know where my loyalties lie,'' cryptically penned one fan on the microblogging platform X, formerly Twitter, naming neither Rhaenyra nor Alicent.

For staunch supporters of Rhaenyra, the trailers served as a reaffirmation of their unwavering loyalty. Declarations of affection and solidarity flooded social media feeds, with one fan defiantly proclaiming :

'' Rhaenyra, my beloved, they could never make me hate you.''

Other cast doubt on Queen Alicent's motivations and actions. Critics seized upon her perceived folly, defending her as '' delusional '' and '' an idiot '' for her decisions and interpretations of events within the realm.

One user couldn't resist a lighthearted jab, remarking, '' Alicent [is] legit an idiot. She knew the guy was drugged up but she still thought he meant her Aegon?''

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