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FOR PROUD PAKISTAN - THE FOUNDERS OF THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - rise to give this nation a standing welcome ovation and pray for its glory in times ahead. March 23 and beyond.

No generation is spared its traumas. But on !WOW! our historical frame of mind does give us an unshakeable sense of who Pakistanis are and what Pakistanis must do. 

To survive the ugliness of the world, Pakistanis must exhibit a rocklike firmness : Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Salar, Mustafa, Emaan, Sajina, Hussain, Sharayar, Hamza, Sanan, Ahsen, Zaeem, Danyial, Ghazi, Hazeem, Ayaan [Australia], Mayna, and Haniya ............

Esteemed Quaid-E Azam - the father of the nation had tremendous confidence in the future of this nation. We need that right now.

IN 1940, Sir Winston Churchill's romantic vision gave more shape to contemporary terrors.

Under his guidance, the British people came to see themselves as the phlegmatic and resolute defenders of their island home, the latest in a great line of underdog warriors. His invocations of their common past united a class-riven nation.

IN A MAGNIFICENT 1949 ESSAY ON SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL - Isiah Berlin noticed that Churchill idealized his fellow Brits with such intensity that he lifted '' a large number of inhabitants of the British Isles out of their normal selves and -

By dramatizing their lives and making them seem to themselves and to each other clad in the fabulous garments appropriate to a great historic moment, transformed cowards into brave men, and so fulfilled the purpose of shining armor.''

I see an American analogue to Churchill's historic sensibility in Lincoln's rhetoric during the Civil War  - '' Our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.''

And I can imagine a contemporary American leader putting our current crises in the frame of constant and similar crises of our own national past - the populists versus the coasts, the struggle for racial justice, America's unasked-for role as leader of the free world.

I can imagine a contemporary leader with a similarity weathered but undaunted confidence in our institutions and our ideas, a leader with an acute awareness of our own national identity :

The nation of the future, the beacon of democracy, the nation that, with its unbounded dynamism and immigrant drive, manages to overcome the recurring tumult caused by its own idiocy and iniquity, and in the end energizes the world.

The second very different model of confidence was projected by Chrucjill's great friend F.D.R.

Berlin wrote that Roosevelt stood for '' his astonishing appetite for life and by his apparently complete freedom from the fear of the future ; as a man who welcomed the future eagerly as such, and conveyed the feeling that whatever the times might bring all would be grist to his mill.''

Roosevelt looked forward with such optimism, such an assumption of abundance, such a faith in progress that he saw present difficulties as stumbles on the path to the sunlit uplands to come.

While Churchill's political gift was steadfastness, Roosevelt's was nimble dexterity. He relished improvisation, trying multiple things at once even if they did not fit together.

His untroubled confidence in his own and nation's power rested upon an exceptionally sensitive awareness, conscious and unconscious of his own milieu, his antutive anticipation of how public opinion would flow, how events would unfold.

It's as if he had antennae that could feel the minutest vibrations across the political world.

Berlin writes, ''This feeling of being at home not merely in the present but in the future, of knowing where he was going and by what means and why, made him, until his health was finally undermined, buoyed and gay; delight in the company of the most varied and opposed individuals.''

In Roosevelt's self-confident vision, a nation enduring depression and then war was nonetheless illuminated by the brilliance of its future days. He never lost that faith.

You may doubt in these gloomy years, but I think even today's America could produce a leader of F.D.R. 's buoyancy. 

We have by far the strongest large economy on earth. We have by far the most innovative technical centers, the greatest centers of learning and the mental and spiritual resources brought by millions of striving immigrants.

We have more talent in America today than ever before. We need somebody who can name those strengths and connect them to our children's future.

We're floating upon a pessimism bubble. The underlying realities do not justify the bearish mood that some leaders feed and then feeds off of.

The world needs leaders who can counteract sour and grievance-ridden patriotism with a vaster and more generous patriotism, drawing on the glorious inheritance left by our ancestors and lured by F.D.R.'s buoyant faith in what's to come.

This goes for this Great Nation of America and Britain just as it goes for the Proud Nation of Pakistan. '' This is how we survive the ugliness of the world ''.

The World Students Society thanks Esteemed David Brooks for his opinion.

With most respectful and loving dedication to Mankind, and then the Great Nation of America and Britain and this proud nation of Pakistan. And then grandparents, parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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