The current condition of Government Girls High School in Absor and Turbat in Balochistan is a cause for grave concern, especially when considering the importance of providing quality education and a suitable learning environment for students.

The impact of girls' education is widely known, with evidence suggesting it contributes to national growth rates and has a beneficial effect on maternal mortality rates and child stunting.

Girls continue to face obstacles when it comes to accessing education due to persistent gender disparities, especially in conflict-affected areas, highlighting the need for concerted efforts to address these challenges.

It's vital to understand the significance of establishing a supportive and enriching educational environment for girls, as it not only empowers them to make choices about their future but also has lasting positive effects on the community and society as a whole.

Inequality and limited opportunities for future generations can be worsened by absence of functional schools, particularly for girls.

The problems the Government Girls High School in Absor is suffering from needs to be addressed as part of a broader commitment to ensuring that all children, regardless of gender, have access to high-quality education.

The World Students Society thanks Zainab Riaz, Absor, Turbat.


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