Dawn Of Quantum Computers


A new supercomputer is slated to make it possible to reduce animal experiments and perhaps to cure cancer. The hype surrounding quantum computing is inspiring numerous industries, raising claims that it could help solve the problem of storing renewable energy, or that it could help revolutionize the logistics sector.

A Swiss start-up that produces artificial lungs is looking towards quantum algorithms to become more efficient and, for example, help find a cure for cancer and rendering experiments on animals redundant. A private investor has brought these goals one step closer by allowing Swiss start-ups to use quantum computers commercially. The technology is still considered to be at the beginning of its development curve, science does not yet know its full capabilities. Big players such as Google and IBM are in competition to create ever newer and faster quantum computers. This film opens a window into the world of supercomputers, and explores how their potential and their dangers seem to exist side by side.


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