! Shahrayar Alamgir Khan ! : IT IS A GREAT HONOUR and a spiritual privilege to nominate him - this bright, caring human,  with great energy and education to head the '' Child Labour Ban '' for Islamabad, Pakistan.

He has two years, a clean open canvas, to conquer this master social injustice and problem.

And all this while - he has to draw up the Policy & Plans for !WOW! with a global perspective. In 5 years time, he should take on and steer the '' Child Labour Ban Globally. ''

His accomplishments, his research on Policy and Plans for Global basis will be regularly published by Sam Daily Times : '' The Voice Of The Voiceless.''

It is with sense of tragedy and in utter sadness that I refer to the example of my host country:

! MILLIONS OF CHILDREN in Pakistan, as young as 8, are forced to work in inhuman conditions just to survive.

Despite laws banning child labour, authorities have been unable to effectively enforce them, leaving vulnerable children unprotected.

Approximately 19 million children in Pakistan are engaged in various forms of labour, sacrificing their education and childhood for the sake of providing for themselves and their impoverished families.

The lack of security and resources prevents the government from ensuring universal education and care for these children, perpetuating the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

The World Students Society - led by the Global Founder Framers of !WOW! will and must intensify its efforts to address this issue and provide these children with the opportunities they deserve and lead fulfilling lives and break free from this destructive cycle of future poverty.

'' So, help us God Almighty! ''

The World Students Society thanks Sahibathoon Shakeel, Turbat.


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