BEST - Quito - Ecuador - BEAM : 2024


Quito-Ecuador : Ride brand-new Metro line through nearly 500 years of history.

When the Metro line in Quito, Ecuador's high-altitude capital, becomes fully operational this year, its 15 stations will connect the city from the north to south, making it easier for travelers to explore-

From the preserved churches of the UNESCO-listed historic center to modern districts flaunting vant-garde towers.

Although Ecuador has made headlines for cartel-related violence, crime rates in Quito are down, according to the National Police.

Checkout San Francisco Market in old Town to see traditional curanderas [ Female healers ] who offer cleanses using bouquets of flowers and herbs.

And grab a table in the hip La Floresta neighborhood, where homegrown chefs are getting creative with Ecuadorian ingredients. [ Nora Walsh ]


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