CAN it be true that even with the amount accurate and sufficient information of initial states of the universe, - as we find them with the help of our strongest computers, for us :

They are just the elements of randomness only because our minds and our computers, however complex and advanced, are intrinsically unable to jump the level of know-ability that would make clear the reasons or patterns behind apparent random behaviour!

Can it be true that non-linearity of all real systems that does depict chaos, yet the same chaos is always tending towards essentially the same optimum state, giving individuality and continuity to all our systems!

Do pre-determinism and random chaos work side by side! Does chaos have a direction toward a determined outcome! Do chaos and the abundance of choice depict destruction! Or do they depict life and life's unboundedness within its bounds!

SO, do we live in a constantly expanding, bounded universe that has a unique, unrepeated history that travels along the arrow of time!

And is chaos a possibility at every event-point ! Yet is the play of this chaos, itself bounded in the confines of larger designs !

Thus, is controlled and bounded chaos not an assurance of more construction and less destruction in the universe!

And does this intertwined nature of checking a number of possibilities within a close bound of laws and structure, when the range of doable possibilities is already limited by our non-ergodic universe, not make possible the coming about of so many phenomena in the universe that are useful, complementary and full of beauty and design!

The World Students Society thanks Aneela Shahzad.


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