'' SOME -BEST FILMS- SOAR '' : 2023


1.-  ' The Zone Of Interest '  

An extraordinary triumph from Jonathan Glazer, this film dramatises the domestic routine of Rudolf Hoss [ Christian Friedel ], the commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp.

He and his family bustle around with their servants, ignoring the industrialised mass murder being committed just over the garden wall.

2.-  ' Past Lives '

A 12-year-old girl moves with her family from Korea to Canada, leaving behind her childhood sweetheart.

Twenty-four years later, they meet again in New York.

Celine Song's bittersweet tale muses on fate, ambition and everything that is gained and lost by moving to a new country.

3.-  ' Poor Things '

In Yorgos Manthimos's wildly inventive adaptation of Alasdair Gray's satirical novel, a woman [ Emma Stone ]  is brought back from the dead by a lad scientist [ Willem Dafoe ] with no memory of her previous life.

On an uproarious whirlwind tour of fin de siecle Europe, she learns about society's conventions and shatters them all.

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