' Some People Need Killing ' by Patricia Evangelista : This powerful book mostly covers the years between 2016 and 2022. When Rodrigo Duterte was president of the Philippines and pursued a murderous campaign of extrajudicial killings. - EJK's for short.

Such killings became so frequent that journalists Evangelista, then a reporter for the independent news site Rappler, kept folders on their computers that were organized not by date but by hour of death.

Offering the intimate disclosures of memoir and the larger contact context of Philippines history.

Evangelista also pays close attention to language, and not only because she is a writer.

Language can be used to communicate, to deny, to threaten, to cajole. It can also propagate lies, but it also allows one to speak the truth. [Random House]. 

EXCERPT : My job is to go places where people die. I pack my bags, talk to the survivors, write my stories, then go home to wait for the next catastrophe. I don't wait very long.

The World Students Society thanks The New York Times.


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