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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - FOR EVERY SUBJECT in the world, rises to give President Bill Clinton - one of the many great American Presidents a standing ovation.

'' BEGINNING !WOW!'S GREAT TRADITIONS '' : SINCE MANY YEARS - THE WHOLE WORLD has started taking The World Students Society very, very seriously which means being accountable for it.


ENGINEER AND FOUNDER Salar Khan Yousafzai and the great students of America all...... need to begin '' Drafting and Designing '' great ' Regulations ' for The World Students Society.

DESIGNING REGULATIONS is not a trivial task. One needs to decide - among other things - how much regulation does !WOW! need, - what to regulate specifically and what kind of mandate to introduce.

We should keep in mind that regulatory interventions often have unintended consequences. For a start, I would just mention two factors : uncertainty and multidimensionality.

Measuring whether '' The World Students Society '' is having a positive impact on the society, would most likely require considering a wide range of criteria. The focus is on wide variety of stakeholders and their welfare :

Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors, Teachers, Educational systems, Endowments, Funds, Scholarships, financial assistance, Injustices, Hopes, Opportunities, Freedom, Human Rights, International Rights, Wars, Nuclear threats, Climate issues...............

All of the above and more will make monitoring, evaluation particularly challenging. But if we begin taking the first baby steps, you all will, one day, someday get on top of things.

THROUGH his book '' Between Hope and History, '' former US President Bill Clinton shares presidential experiences, emphasising Opportunity, Responsibility and Community principles.

Clinton emphasises that seizing opportunities is fundamental to success, but it must be coupled with a sense of responsibility. He advocates for serving the community, asserting that every American must recognize the role of opportunity, responsibility and community in advancing the country.

He reflects on the size of the American government, stating that it neither should be too small nor too big.

He recounts facing multiple challenges during his presidency, including opposition from Congress and various societal issues such as state terrorism, street crimes and drug trafficking.

Despite facing resistance, he emulated stringent laws for the welfare of the people.

Clinton's commitment was to the welfare of all Americans, irrespective of creed, caste or faith. He had not endorsed aggression, violence or an inferior attitude toward neighbouring countries.

He supported mutual relations with Russia and China, taking steps to lessen subtle enemy policies for rogue states and extending a hand of friendship for progress and welfare.

In his book, Clinton writes that the world needs durable peace, emphasising its universal necessity. He condemns use of nukes and encourages living in peace.

To give up the nuclear race, he says that collective efforts were taken to pressure North Korea to surrender its nuclear capabilities for mass destruction.

The ex-President mentions diehard Congress opponents suggesting the installation of star security, to which he said that it costs billions of dollars with the stake of their people's lives.

He prioritises the quality of life for Americans, believing that America's progress depends on individuals working for it. He emphasizes that freedom is not individual; it is for all.

Regarding education, Clinton insists that every child should be in school, provided with quality education.

Recognising the world as a global village, he worked to facilitate every institution with the internet and proper use of technical devices like computers and other accessories.

Clinton acknowledges social problems in his country, such as child pregnancy, drug mafia and youth deviance. He passed bills to control them but emphasizes the role of responsible parenting.

He believes that parents should take care of their children carefully before the state takes charge of their welfare.

In relation to economic downfall, Clinton acknowledges the financial deficit and took responsibility to overcome it by introducing a million jobs. He views every company, big or small, as owning its employees as assets, valuing each individual's life.

He believes that his guiding force for success as president was following 'opportunity, responsibility and community'. 

He took inspiration for the title of his book from a meeting with Seamus Heaney, the Nobel Prize-winning poet, in Ireland, where the line of 'hope and history rhyme' left a lasting impression on him.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Students, Global Founders of !WOW!, Hopes and History, continues. The World Students Society thanks Saira Samo.

With most respectful dedication to the Global Founder Framers of !WOW! - the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world - and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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