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A.I. : ''' ADOPTION 


ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : SUPER ENGINEERS and Founders : Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Hussain and Salar understand that Generative AI holds much promise but they should get to it, wary and scared.

These esteemed founders, must understand and remember, that !WOW! is in an eternal and '' Mighty Marathon.''

But they must get to experience on a private and individual basis the utter Joy of preparation and experimentation of conceiving a Global Ecosystem for the students of the world. '' Please ensure that you leave nothing to chance and nothing to error. ''

WHEN CHATGPT WAS FIRST launched at the end of 2022 it very quickly became a sensation. Within two months 100 million users were posing all sorts of entertaining queries :

{ '' Write me a rap song using references to SpongeBob SquarePants " }.The number of people Googling ''artificial intelligence'' surged, and the mania set off investors' enthusiasm for all manners of AI projects.

Yet the real promise, these investors and entrepreneurs are betting, lies with its use in business. Here, too, it could be more rapidly adopted than past innovations. But that does not mean it will happen overnight.

The potential is exciting. According to McKinsey, a consultancy, three quarters of the business users of generative A.I. will fall into four areas : customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development.

Navigating a complex tax code or summarising a legal document could become a breeze. Type in the right prompt and a first draft of marketing copy could magically appear.

Already many coders rely on Copilot, a coding tool from Microsoft, to help them write software. Studies show that professional workers with below-average performance tend to experience the most benefit from using generative AI, promising a big increase in output for firms.

Helpfully, too, many generative AI tools will be easier to access than previous technologies. This is not like the advent of personal computers or smartphones, where employers needed to buy lots of hardware, or even e-commerce, where retailers needed to set up physical infrastructure before they could open an online storefront.

Many businesses may find that they can work with AI specialists to design bespoke tools. And firms such as Microsoft and Google are embedding generative AI into their office software, meaning that anyone opening up a document or a spreadsheet will soon be able to make use of the tools.

Many of the largest companies are already experimenting. Morgan Stanley, a bank, is using AI to build a tool to help wealth managers.

Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical firm, has struck a deal with a startup that runs '' autonomous labs '' to identify promising molecules, which the drugmaker will then develop, test and commercialise.

Around 5% of the vacancies posted by America's big banks between 2020 and June 2023 cited AI in the job description, and around 8% of patents registered by big tech firms in 2020-22 were AI-related.

YET not all businesses will be enthusiastic adopters. Outside the tech world, only a third of global managers tell McKinsey that they are regularly using generative AI for work; about half have tried the technology but have decided not to use it, and about a fifth have had no exposure to it all.

AI adopters, in short, are outnumbered two-to-one by the wary and the reluctant.

Start with the wary. Some businesses are taking a cautious approach, since much about the technology still needs ironing out. Chatbots are prone to ''hallucination'' or making up things that sound dangerously plausible.

And writers, artists, photographers and publishers are challenging AI models, or the reputational risk of taking hallucinations seriously. JPMorgan Chase, a bank, has banned the use of ChatGPT, though it is experimenting with AI in other areas.

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