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'' ENSLAVED BY THE MIND! '' RUMI SAYS : '' IF LIGHT IS IN YOUR HEART - YOU WILL FIND YOUR WAY HOME. '' Who am I? How can I discover myself? And how can I be happy? These questions have ever troubled humans.

We stop here to realize and ponder that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond our thinking. Life is the name of countless small decisions. Peace or restlessness, happiness or unhappiness is a result of those decisions.

When you don't know yourself, when you don't discover yourself, then someone else is taking decisions of your life, not you. So how can those decisions be right for you. If you want to be happy, calm and healthy, then think from your own heart because your heart is the most loyal and sincere companion who will never let you down.

In one of his poems, Charles Bukowski writes, '' Nobody can save you but yourself.  You will be put again and again into nearly impossible situations. Do you want to be like that? A faceless, mindless, heartless being,  do you want to experience death before death?

Nobody can save you but yourself and you're worth saving. It's a war not easily won but if anything is worth winning then this is it.  Think about it, think about saving yourself.

If you are unhappy with your life, you are thinking with your mind before taking decisions. No doctor in the world can save you from the condition because you are treading the path that leads to unhappiness and restlessness. Let me tell you how.

In his book, The Power of Now, German Canadian writer Eckhart Tolle writes, 

'' Mind is a powerful thing if used properly, but it can be very destructive when misused. If it's more aptly said, it's not that you misuse your mind, you usually don't use it at all, and rather it uses you. This is the error.

You think that your identity is your mind. It is your illusion. Actually, the thing called mind has captured you. It's true that like most people, I tend to think, I use my mind to achieve many things and accomplish my goals.

If just because you solve a riddle or build an atomic bomb doesn't mean, you are using your mind. Just as dogs like to chew on bones, similarly, the mind likes to solve problems. That is why it solves the riddles, builds an atomic bomb, even if you have no interest in it.

Come on, tell me if you can get freedom from your mind whenever you want. Have you found its off button? It means to stop thinking completely. No, I can't do it or maybe occasionally for a moment or two. So the mind is using you, you have unconsciously attached your identity to it.

You don't even know that you have become his slave. It's almost as if you unknowingly become possessed by someone and start claiming the person you possess as your own.

The beginning of freedom knows that you are not the matter, that is, a thinking mind. The moment you begin to see the thinker in your mind, a higher level of consciousness is awakened in you. Then you begin to realize that there is a great realm of intelligence beyond thoughts, and thoughts are a small aspect of intelligence.

You also begin to feel that all the things that matter like beauty, love, creations, happiness and inner peace, etc are born beyond the mind and with this realization your journey of conscious awakening begins.''

William James, the founder of modern psychology, discovered after years of research that, '' the greatest discovery of this century is the fact that we can change our lives by changing our thoughts.

When Greek philosopher Metrocies was asked what was the most difficult thing in the world, he answered self-knowledge. This is also the core of Buddha's teachings. Through awareness of our thoughts, emotions  and environment, we discover the inner light.

We see and understand things, according to our mind and then take decisions, and insist that we are taking great decisions and living great lives, even if those decisions are wrong.

But when unhappiness, restlessness, anxiety and disease become our destiny, we are left bewildered and start blaming the whole world. All this happens because those decisions are taken by our mind and not by our heart.

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