Headline, December 27 2023/ ''' AHEAD 2024 AHEMS '''

''' AHEAD 2024 AHEMS '''

FOR !WOW! - STUDENTS - AND THE ENTIRE. WORLD - LIFE comes at you really really fast. Whether its the upsurge in !WOW!, armed conflict - the redrawing of the global energy resources map or rapid progress in A.I., the world is changing at mind-boggling speed.

From the situation on !WOW!, in the Middle East to the adoption of electric vehicles to the treatment of obesity, things look very different from the way they did just a year or two ago.

!WOW!'s aim is to help you keep your worldview up to date - and tell you what might be coming next :

1.-  !THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY! - the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world -for every subject- will continue to grow to become one of the greatest organizations Mankind ever conceived.

The great students of Mighty America will take up the esteemed honour to provide global Leadership, solutions and accomplishments.

!WOW! Founders and Students all, will have a global voice and honours. Some founders will go on to be considered for ''Nobel Prizes''.

Students will grow serious and responsible in building a better world for Mankind and for the future generations.. Spreading in it's wake : dignity, justice, values and character. 

2.-  Uniting the World ! : Perhaps the ideological differences will be put aside as the world enjoys the Paris Olympics, astronauts [maybe] looping around the Moon, and the men's T20 cricket World Cup.

But it is just as likely that those hoping for some global unity will be stumped. But the students of the world will never give up the fight. All the time taking the world forward with inventions and innovations and selfless work in the service of humanity.

3.-  'My Memoirs and Mercury' : in '' Two Volumes '' will get written to the ultimate delight of the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors, Teachers and those who just survived and lived from day to day in charmed innocence.

I pray and hope that I have put you on your way. And that you will light up paths.

The entire financial proceeds from the sales - memoirs, film rights, documentaries - will go to the students of the world. Overseen by Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Hussain, Salar and Hanyia.

For this Master Publishing, The World Students Society thanks Tom Standage, Editor, The World Ahead 2024. 

4.-  Vote-a-rama! : Elections all over the world, for more voters than ever before, will put a spotlight on the global state of democracy.

There will be more than 70 elections in 2024 in countries that are home to around 4.2 billion people - for the first time, more than half of the global population.

But while there is more voting than ever, there is not necessarily more democracy : '' Many Elections Will Neither Be Free Nor Fair ''.

5.-  America's global choice : Voters, and the courts, will give their verdicts on Donald Trump, who has a one-in-three chance of regaining the presidency.

The result may come down to a few tens of thousands of voters in a handful of swing states. But the consequence will be global, affecting everything from climate policy to military support for Ukraine.

Indeed, election-rigging in Russia may mean Vladimir Putin's fate depends more on American voters than Russian ones. 

6.-  Middle East turmoil : Hamas's attack on Israel, and Israel's retaliation against Gaza, have upended the region and scorched the idea that the world could continue to ignore the Palestinian plight.

Will it become a wider regional conflict - or offer a new chance for peace? For America the overstretched superpower, this is also a test of whether it can adapt to a more complex and threatening world.

7.- A.I. gets real : Businesses are adopting it and techies continue to improve it. Debate will intensify over the best regulatory approach - and whether best regulatory approach - and whether arguments over  'essential risk', are a decoy that benefits incumbents.

Unexpected uses and abuses will keep popping up. Worries abound about A.I.'s effect on jobs and potential for election meddling. Its biggest actual impact? FASTER CODING.

8.-  A second cold war : As China's growth has slowed, tensions rise over Taiwan, and America continues to limit Chinese access to advanced technologies, the ''new cold war'' rhetoric has hardened.

But Western companies trying to reduce their supply chains dependency on China will find it much easier said than done.

Meanwhile both camps will woo the ''middle powers'' of the global south, not least for their green resources.

9.-  Economic uncertainty : Western economies did better than expected in 2023 but are not out of the woods yet, and interest rates staying ''higher for longer'' will be painful for companies and consumers alike, even if recessions are avoided.

[Keep an eye on the banks, and their exposure to commercial property, where things could go bad]. China may go into deflation.

10.-  Multipolar disorder : America's plan to pivot to Asia, and focus more on its rivalry with a rising China, has been derailed by war in Ukraine and now Gaza. Russia, too, is distracted and losing influence. Frozen conflicts are thawing and local wars are heating up around the world.

Instability in the Sahel is rising. The world is preparing for more conflict now that America's ''unipolar moment'' has ended.

With the most loving and respectful dedication to Global !WOW! Founders for the great honour of '' Striving For Peace '' for Mankind.

To Sum : To the ever lasting memory of my Saintly father, Dr. Mohammed Akbar Khan Hashmi Querishi, my sterling and iconic mother, Lady Qazi Ashrafat Jan.

My outstanding wife, Khadija Sharif Hashmi, My teachers Mother Anne, and Sister Rozario [Irish], My Principal Esteemed Hugh Catchpole [Oxford], My House Master, University of London, Malik Haq Nawaz.

And my greatest of friends in need and deed : Mohammed Azim Khan, Police, UN, and just about everything. And of course ever and more, the Global Founder Framers of !WOW!.

See You all on !WOW! to prepare for Great Global Elections : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter X !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

Good Night and God Bless

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