Health care wasn't the only sphere to see a big breakthrough in 2023. OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot rocketed to prominence this year for generating humanlike writing, and its competitors put up their offerings. [ Including one that fell in love with a Times columnist ].

Such technologies could have major economic implications, reshaping how we work, replacing some jobs and potentially increasing productivity. For now, office workers have used it to write papers.

Your friendly economic correspondent tried to use it to write this story section, but artificial intelligence and Times editors have a different understanding of the term ''brief''.

The freely available version of ChatGPT is working from 2022 data, so it also declined to comment on another key development from this year.

'' If ' rizz ' refers to something specific, please provide more context or clarify ,'' the chatbot responded when asked if it possessed Oxford's word of the year, a Gen Z shorthand for ''charisma.''

With a little more prodding, it admitted, '' I don't have personal qualities.''


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