A biopic on Donald Trump is in the works. Marvel star Sebastian Stan to play politician.

A biographical film titled after the iconic Tv show, The Apprentice, is set to spotlight the life of former reality TV personality and President Donald Trump, reported Deadline.

While much of Trump's life has played out in the public eye, this Hollywood treatment delves beyond the headlines, focusing on a pivotal phase : the rise of the allegedly controversial yet lucrative real estate empire.

The project will focus on Trump's in New York City's political and power spheres - a journey that forms the backdrop to the narrative of a man now entangled in 91 felony charges across multiple criminal cases.

The story of his early successes promises to unravel a crucial chapter in American history, shaping a nation currently deeply divided.

Portraying the 45th President is Sebastian Stan, renowned for his roles as Bucky Barnes in Marvel films and Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy. Joining Stan is Maria Bakalova, known for Oscar-nominated performance in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, depicting the late Ivana Trump - Trump's notable first wife and mother to his children Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr.

Jeremy Strong, famed for his portrayal of  Kendall Roy in HBO's Succession, steps into the shoes of Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor and later disbarred attorney known for ethical controversies.

Under the directorial helm of Cannes prize-winning filmmaker Ali Abbasi, the film begins production this week. It's slated as an exploration of ambition and power in a world marred by corruption and deceit - a mentor-protege saga illuminating the genesis of an American dynasty.

Journalist Gabriel Sherman, Known for   The Loudest Voice in the Room, serves as the film's screenwriter, drawing on his acclaimed biography of Roger Ailes that inspired the 2019 Showtime series starring  Russell Crowe.

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