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BOOST !WOW! AND OVERTAKE EVERY TECH TITAN : WHEN The World Students Society  does decide to start building the Ecosystem - 2011, Quantum Computing would be the best and greatest way to go.

The real competition between the technology giants, the science world, would be !WOW!'s intellectual capital in forward integrating Quantum Computing. That accomplishment, when it so arrives, it would position !WOW! Moon shot ahead of every invention, innovation in solving Mankind's needs.

ONCE D-WAVE HAD COMMITTED TO THE ADIABATIC MODEL - that proceeded with dispatch. In 2007 D-Wave publicly demonstrated a 16-qubit adiabatic quantum computers.

By 2011 it had built [ and sold to Lockheed Martin [ the D-Wave One, with 128 qubits. In 2013 it unveiled the 512-qubit D-Wave Two. They've been doubling the number of qubits every year, and they plan to stick that pace while at the same time increasing the connectivity between qubits.

'' It's just a matter of years before this capability becomes so powerful that anyone who does any kind of computing is going to have to take a very close look at it, '' says Vern Brownell, D-Wave's CEO, who earlier in his career was chief technology officer at Goldman Sachs, ''We're on that cusp right now.''

BUT WE'RE NOT THERE YET. ADIABATIC QUANTUM computing may be technically simpler than the gate-model kind, but it comes with trade-offs.

An adiabatic quantum computer can really solve only one class of problems, called discrete combinatorial optimization problems, which involves finding the best -the shortest, or the fastest, or the cheapest, or the most efficient - way of doing a task. This narrows the scope of what you do considerably.

For example, you can't as yet perform the kind of cryptographic wizardry the NSA was interested in, because an adiabatic quantum computer won't run the right algorithm. It's a special purpose tool.

'' You take your general-purpose chip,'' Rose says, '' and you do a bunch of inefficient stuff that generates megawatts of heat and takes forever, and you can get the answer out of it. But this thing, with a picowatt and a microsecond, does the same thing. So it's just doing something very specific, very fast, very efficiently.''

This is great if you have a really hard -discrete combinatorial problem to solve. Not everybody does.

But once you start looking for optimization problems, or at least problems that can be twisted around to look like optimization problems, you can find them all over the place in software design, tumor treatments, logistical planning, the stock market, airline schedules, the search for Earth-like planets in other solar systems, and in particular machine learning.

Google and NASA, along with Universities Space Research Association, jointly run something called the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, or QuAIL, based at NASA Ames, which is the proud owner of D-Wave Two.

''If you're trying to do planning and scheduling for how you navigate the Curiosity rover on Mars or how you schedule the activities of astronauts on the station, these are clearly problems where a quantum computer -a computer that can optimally solve optimization problems - would be useful,'' says Rupak  Biswas, deputy director of the Exploration Technology Directorate at NASA Ames.

Google has been using its D-Wave to, among other things, write software that helps Google Glass tell the difference between when you're blinking and when you're winking.

Lockheed Martin turned out to have some optimization problems too. It produces a colossal amount of computer code, all of which has to be verified and validated for all possible scenarios, lest your F-35  spontaneously decide to reboot itself in midair.

'' It's very difficult to exhaustively test all of the possible conditions that can occur in the life of a system,'' says Ray Johnson, Lockheed Martin's chief technology officer.

'' Because of the ability to handle multiple conditions at one time through superposition, you're able to much more rapidly - orders of magnitude more rapidly    - exhaustively test the conditions in that software.''

The company re-upped for D-Wave Two just later.

ANOTHER CHALLENGE Rose and company face is that there is a small but nonzero number of academic physicists and computer scientists who think that they are partly or completely full of sh-t.

Ever since D-Wave's first demo in 2007, snide humor, polite skepticism, impolite skepticism and outright debunkings have been lobbed at the company from any number of ivory towers.

'' There are many who in Round 1 of this started trash-talking D-Wave before they'd ever met the company,'' Jurvetson says. '' Just the mere notion that someone is going to be building and shipping a quantum computer  -they said, 

'' They are lying, and it's smoke and mirrors.''

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Quantum Computing, the future and The World Students Society Ecosystem 2011, continues.

With most respectful dedication to The Global Founder Framers of !WOW!, and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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