Help Girls In Africa Attend School : That's the work of Camfed, the campaign for Female Education. :

For just $150, you can support a girl in secondary school for a year and give her a chance to become a teacher, nurse, a doctor.

Of the dozens of nonprofits I have recommended, Camfed is the top audience favorite, with readers contributing $4.6 million and giving tens of thousands of girls in Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other African countries the chance to attend school.

I've admired Camfed for many years, including its help for a girl in rural Zimbabwe named Angeline Murimirwa.

Angie had done brilliantly in exams at the end of primary school - the best in her school's history - and everyone else was celebrating, but Angie was weeping.

'' There was no way my parents could afford secondary school,'' she told me. The Camfed paid Angie's fees, and she soared - and today is chief executive of Camfed.

The Publishing continues. World Students Society honours and thanks Nicholas Kristof.


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