WHAT U.S. has argued in the Google antitrust trial :

.-  How Google kept dominance

On the first day of the trial, the Justice Department said Google had paid Apple and other tech platforms more than $10 billion a year to make itself the default search engine on the iPhone and other devices.

It was perhaps the most important piece of evidence to support the government's central argument : that Google broke the law by using multibillion-dollar contracts to be the default search engine across the Internet so it could maintain its monopoly.

The eye-popping value of the deals had not been revealed before and helped the Justice Department set the tone for the trial.

The $10 billion figure has since loomed large. The Justice Department called several witnesses who said Google's rich default deals made it important to compete.

SATYA NADELLA, Microsoft's chief executive, testified that he tried nearly every year to persuade Apple to switch the default to Bing - and failed.

DuckDuckGo said it was nearly impossible for consumers to discover its rival search engine.

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