' A-rumpus on campus ' : Christopher Rufo may well have '' quickly moved to eliminate diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives '' at New College of Florida when Ron DeSantis appointed him as a trustee. [ Lexington, May 27th ].

But in fact, New College had almost no administrative DEI infrastructure to dismantle.

A signee to the Chicago Principles on free speech, New College had one employee [ since terminated ] who worked half time on state-mandated initiatives, and a one hour ''mandatory'' DEI training videos, which 25% of employees completed in the most recent academic year.

In the Board of Trustees meetings in which DEI was eliminated at New College, it was pointed out to Mr. Rufo just how little DEI the school actually had.

New College is a remarkably independent-minded institution where students can design their own major, faculty teach what they want without curricular oversight, and all students are encouraged to do independent research culminating in a year-long required thesis project.

It would be hard to find a college with less potential for top-down indoctrination of students.

Mr.Ruffo and his fellow trustees are engaged in disruptive political theatre, not a measured response to the facts on the ground at New College, a unique educational institution that in no way exemplifies illiberal leftist excess in the academy.

The World Students Society thanks Peter Cook, Associate professor of psychology and neuroscience,  New College of Florida Sarasota.


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