Modulate : Shutting Down Abuse

Verbal abuse often ruins otherwise great online multiplayer games. Modulate has a solution in the form of ToxMod, a first-of-its-kind platform that uses artificial intelligence to detect sexism, racism, or other forms of abuse in games, and alert human moderators, who can issue warnings or ban offenders.

The goal, says co-founder and chief technology officer Carter Huffmann, is to make games '' safer and more inclusive. ''

ToxMod is already in use in major titles like Rec Room, which began deploying the tech for the 37 million users last year. [ Alex Fitzpatrick ]

Pigeonly : Connecting Families :

High costs and inadequate phone services can make it difficult for incarcerated people and their loved ones to keep in touch.

Pigeonly, which enables users to look up an inmate and then helps them set up a prison phone account, offers rates of just 6 cents a minute, compared with an average $1 per minute for most U.S. prisons and jails.

The company, which operates in over 70 U.S.and international jurisdictions, is at the forefront of global efforts to humanely reform prison and jail systems. [Josiah Bates ]

Flexport. Untangling The Supply Chain : When California's Port of Long Beach was bottlenecked some years ago, Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen tweeted his proposed solution :

Empty containers needed to be stacked higher to clear room. [ They later were ] Petersen's shipment-tracking firm solves similar problems for customers daily, and to great success :

Flexport made $ 3.3 billion in revenue last year amid the supply-chain crisis, up 154%.

More recently, Flexport raised over $19.5 million to deliver goods for Ukrainian refugees. [ Guadalupe Gonzales ]


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