Anil Kapoor wins landmark judgement against '' Artificial Intelligence''. And the actor pledges to support Hollywood strikes.

Indian actor Anil Kapoor - from the great tree line of the world famous and highly respected Kapoor lineage - is a mighty favorite on The World Students Society. I avail the honour to wish him and his family very well.

Anil Kapoor has achieved a groundbreaking victory in a legal battle against artificial intelligence [AI], as reported by Variety. 

'' This decision affirms that every individual, regardless of their stature, possesses the right to safeguard their identity. ''

THE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE actor initiated legal action by filing suit through his lawyer, Ameet Naik, in the Delhi High Court to safeguard his personality rights, encompassing his name, image, likeness, voice, and other aspects of his persona from any form of misuse, including digital media.

The suit presented various instances of unauthorized utilization of his attributes. After a thorough hearing, the court issued an order, acknowledging Kapoor's personality rights and prohibiting all offenders from exploiting his persona without consent in any capacity.

The pivotal court order safeguards the actor's rights across all modes and media on a global scale.

Expressing his satisfaction with the court's decision, Kapoor told Variety, '' I'm very happy with this court order, which has come in my favour, and I think it's very progressive and great for not only me but for other actors too.''

Kapoor emphasised the necessity of such protection, particularly in the face of advancing AI technology that can potentially misuse an individual's image, voice, or other attributes for commercial gains.

THE initiative stemmed from a multitude of manipulated videos and emojis circulating with Kapoor's likeness, as well as the iconic phrase ''JHAKAAS, '' which Kapoor first used in the 1985 film YUDH.

THE COURT ORDER now extends protection to this phrase, translating roughly to 'awesome' or ' wicked '.

Kapoor clarified that this action isn't only about his personal interests, stating, 

'' It's not only for me. Today, I am there to protect myself, but when I'm not there, the family should have the right to protect my [personality] and gain from it in future.''

Addressing concerns about freedom of expression, Kapoor underlined, '' My intention is not to interfere with anyone's freedom of expression or to penalize anyone.''  He stressed the need to shield personality rights amidst technological advancements like ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

The issue of AI is a focal point in the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, and Kapoor, represented by David Unger at Artist International Group in Hollywood, voiced his solidarity with fellow actors.

He hopes the court order serves as encouraging news for all actors, emphasizing that every actor deserves protection and rights preservation.

Fresh from the Toronto Film Festival, where his film Thank You for Coming had a gala screening, Kapoor recounted the positive reception and the celebratory atmosphere infused with Indian culture.

He praised the vibrant showcase of Indian cinema, expressing gratitude for the warm reception.

IN AN ERA dominated by artificial intelligence and deepfake technology, the court's ruling in favor of  Kapoor underscores the critical importance of preserving individual rights. Deepfakes, driven by AI, have the potential to manipulate audiovisual content, impersonating individuals and disseminating misinformation with alarming accuracy.

By asserting his personality rights, Kapoor not only shields himself from potential misuse but sets a vital precedent for all public figures.

This decision affirms that every individual, regardless of their stature, possesses the right to safeguard their identity in an increasingly digitized world, emphasizing the need for proactive legal measures to counter the growing threats posed by rapidly evolving technology.

The World Students Society thanks both Variety and The Express Tribune.


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