Rolling Stones announces new album. '' Hackney Diamonds '' to be released on Oct 20.

The Rolling Stones will release their first album of new music in 18 years next month, lead singer Mick Jagger announced. '' We're here to present our new single, which is called 'Angry,' and the video,'' he told a launch event at Hackney Empire in east London.

'' Angry '' is the first single from our new album, called Hackney Diamonds, which is out on October 20.''

The album is also the first since the death of drummer Charlie Watts and the first containing original material since 2005's A Bigger Bang.

Hackney Diamonds is English slang for the shards of glass left scattered on the ground after smash-and - grab robberies and refers to the historically working-class east London neighborhood.

'' It's like when you get your windscreen broken on a Saturday night in Hackney,'' Jagger joked. The Stones 24th studio album has 12 tracks and includes two recorded with Watts in 2019.

The others feature Steve Steve Jordan, whom Watts recommended to replace him. '' Of course, he's [ Watts] missed, '' said guitarist Keith Richards.

Jagger, 80, Richards 79, and Ronnie Wood, 76, launched the album in conversation with US talk show host Jimmy Fallon, which was livestreamed on YouTube.

Throngs of people crowded outside the theatre before the launch, including those without tickets who came out of curiosity to see the band.

'' I've been following the Stones since I was four years old and I'm from around here - it's my backyard, ''said musician and fan Rory McGlinchey. ''It's crazy that they're here!''

Wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, he said the new release was ''great news.''

'' Can't wait, '' he told AFP. Victoria Riley, 50, from Lancashire, northwest England, was equally enthused about the new release even if she could not get in to watch.

'' It's about time ! It's tantalising,'' she said.

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