'' Sticker Shocker '' [ July 29th ] correctly notes that the college-affordability crisis in America is at least partly illusory because so few students pay full price.

You suggest that this gap exists so that colleges can play Robin Hood, charging full price to the rich and less to the poor.

Elite Universities have the market power to do this, but the typical college does not. They have more openings than qualified applicants can fill them.

BECAUSE non-profit colleges want the best students they can get [ for rankings and other reasons ], most give the biggest discounts to the best students.

Because the best students so often come from rich families, the result isn't much like Robin Hood at all.

It is true, as you say, that college is not necessarily too expensive on average, but some students nevertheless pay a king's ransom to attend colleges for which they are only marginally qualified.

UNLIMITED federal loans make this possible. Unaccountable schools take the money, students and families suffer the consequences, and soon it seems taxpayers will foot the bill.

The World Students Society thanks Mr Dan Currell, Deputy under-secretary, US Department of Education, 2018-21. Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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