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PROFESSOR HILLARY CLINTON GOES BACK TO SCHOOL. Foreign policy students at Columbia will receive lessons in decision-making.

IT WAS 20 minutes into the first class of the semester when a professor of foreign policy at Columbia University halted the lecture. '' I see the phones, and I see the cameras,'' she said. '' This is not a Taylor Swift concert.''

To avoid further disruption, the professor, Karen Yarhi-Milo, offered students a five-minute reprieve.  They could raise their phones to photograph the celebrity co-teacher standing on stage, newly minted Prof Hillary Clinton.

'' This,'' Mrs. Clinton noted as hundreds of cameras focused upon her, '' is like the paparazzi,'' a topic, like foreign policy, that she knows a great deal about.

Across New York City, students and teachers returned from summer vacations this past week. For Mrs. Clinton, 75, this marks her return to school after a much longer lapse. It has been nearly 50 years since her stint as a professor at the University of Arkansas Law School in Fayetteville, Ark.

On Tuesday, the day before her first lecture, Mrs. Clinton, a former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady, was setting up her office,which overlooks the campus from the 14th floor of Columbia's International Affairs Building, and studying her binders of outlines and notes.

 '' I feel good,'' she said in an interview in a conference room adjacent to her bright office, ''but jittery.''

As is the case with most enterprises embarked upon by Mrs Clinton - who has long been a sort of national Rorschach test, believed by many and loathed by many others - her new gig carries greater meaning than simply a return to the academic roots.

The new job at Columbia may allow Mrs. Clinton to re-emerge publicly as a foreign policy expert, after years of being depicted in the press and the public's imagination as the presidential candidate vanquished by Donald J Trump.

For any liberal politician, but most of all for Mrs Clinton - who might have imagined herself in 2023 rounding out a historic presidency - there may be no softer landing ground than an Ivy  League campus in New York City.

The class is offered through Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs, a graduate school where tuition is more than $65,000 per year.

'' Inside the Situation Room,'' as the class is called, is part of a broader partnership between Mrs. Clinton and Dr. Yarhi-Milo, the school's dean and a professor of international relations who studies the psychology and mechanics of decision making.

The women are also establishing Columbia's new Institute of Global Politics, where an inaugural group of fellows includes Marie Yovanovach, the former U.S. ambassador in Ukraine, Stacy Abrams, the Georgia voting rights activist and former candidate for governor, and Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive and chairman of Google.

The fellows will work with students and scholars to mesh research and practical experience to solve social and political problems on a global scale.

A spokeswoman for the public affairs school said that while other well-known figures have been invited to teach on campus, few if any have been given the same mandate as Mrs. Clinton, who has been made a full professor in addition to her role with the institute.

THE CLASS - named for the White House command center - is meant to deconstruct how choices with geopolitical consequences are made, through the lens of Dr. Yarhi-Milo's data and Mrs Clinton's experiences. 

More than 800 students applied to take the class, submitting essays for consideration; about 370 graduate and undergraduate students were accepted. All were screened by the Secret Service.

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