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''' GOOGLE -''WORLD'S''-


IN PROUD PAKISTAN - H.E. PRESIDENT ARIF ALVI, in his recent address to the LCCI in Urdu,  spoke eloquently for Mankind. ' Choosing Choices ' : 

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THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT HAS SPENT three years over two presidential administrations building the case that Google illegally abused its power over online search to throttle competition.

To defend itself, Google has enlisted hundreds of employees and three powerful law firms and spent millions of dollars on legal fees and lobbyists.

One recent Tuesday, a judge in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will begin considering their arguments at a trial that cuts to the heart of a long-simmering question : Did today's tech giants become dominant by breaking the law?

The case -U.S. et al. v. Google- is the federal government's first monopoly trial of the modern internet era - as a generation of tech companies has come to wield immense influence over commerce, information, public discourse, entertainment and labor.

The trial moves the antitrust battle against those companies to a new phase, shifting from challenging their mergers and acquisitions to more deeply examining the businesses that thrust them into power.

Such a consequential case over tech power has not unfolded since the Justice Department took Microsoft to court in 1998 for antitrust violations. But since then, companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, have woven themselves into people's lives to an even greater degree.

Any ruling from the trial could have broad ripple effects, slowing down or potentially dismantling the largest internet companies after decades of internal growth.

The stakes are particularly high for Google, the Silicon Valley company founded in 1998, which grew into a $1.7 trillion giant by becoming the first place turned to online to search the web. The government has said in its complaint that it wants Google to change its monopolistic business practices, potentially pay damages and restructure itself.

'' This is a pivotal case and a moment to create precedents for these new platforms that lend themselves to real and durable market power, '' said Laura Phillips-Sawyer, who teaches antitrust law at the University of Georgia School of Law.

The case centers on whether Google illegally cemented its dominance and squashed competition by paying Apple and other companies to make its Internet search engine the default on the iPhone as well as on other devices and platforms.

IN LEGAL FILINGS, the Justice Department has argued that Google maintained a monopoly through such agreements, making it harder for consumers to use other engines.

Google has said that its deals with Apple and others were not exclusive and that consumers could alter the default settings on their devices to choose alternative search engines.

GOOGLE has amassed 90 percent of the search engine market in the United States and 91 percent globally, according to Similarweb, a data analysis firm.

Fireworks are expected at the trial, which is scheduled to last 10 weeks. Google's chief executive,  Sundar Puchai, as well as executives from Apple and other tech companies will probably be called as witnesses.

Judge Amit P. Mehta, is presiding over the trial, which will not have a jury,and will issue the final ruling.Kenneth Dintzer, a 30-year veteran litigator for the Justice Department, will lead the government's arguments in the courtroom, while John E. Schmidlein, a partner at the law firm Williams & Connolly, will do the same for Google.

The jockeying over the trial has already been intense.The Justice Department and Google have deposed more than 150 people for the case and produced more than five million pages of documents.

Google has argued that Jonathan Kanter, the Justice Department's head of antitrust, is biased because of his earlier work as a private lawyer representing Microsoft and News Corp.

The Justice Department has accused Google of destroying employees' instant messages that could have contained relevant information for the case.

Kent Walker, Google's president of global affairs, said in an interview last month that the company's tactics were 'completely lawful' and that its success ''comes down to the quality of our products.''

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Google, antitrust cases and laws, and world affairs continues.The World Students Society thanks  authors David Mccabe and Ceceilia Kang.

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