Headline, September 08 2023/ ''' GEAR '' SELFISH '' GENE '''

''' GEAR '' SELFISH ''

 GENE '''

LADY QAZI ASHRAFAT JAN - MY REVERED MOTHER : Leader, Feudal, Proud, Aristocratic, Upright, Brave, and Caring, never received any formal education of any sort. '' There was no school to go to. ''

Her unworthy last son, burdened by the honour and responsibility to Humanity : I have the unique blessings to give away and award the '' first scholarship '' to student P........ class 4.

Brilliant girl, six siblings. Broken family. Mothers at odds and ends. The recipient will receive a regular stipend every month right up to her high school. A robust '' monitoring and evaluation '' is in place.

K Khan, 9 years old, a paper, cardboard and plastic picker, will now get back to school to follow his dream of becoming an Army soldier. He too will receive his regular monthly stipend right up to high school.

WITH THAT, I NOW BESEECH The Esteemed Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society, all my family, friends and acquaintances, all my scores of great nephews and nieces, my children and great children, my extended family, to follow this example and do the same.

The World Students Society will evolve and scale this model to the whole world in selfless service to humanity. '' May Almighty God in his infinite mercy and wisdom crown our efforts with supreme success.'' Ameen!

ARE STUDENTS FUNDAMENTALLY GOOD OR FUNDAMENTALLY BAD? Are human beings mostly generous, or are they mostly selfish?

Over the centuries - many of the world's leading lights have taken the view that people are basically selfish.

Machiavelli argued that people are deceitful, ungrateful and covetous. Classical economics is based on the idea that people relentlessly pursue their self-interest.

'' The average human being is about 95 percent selfish in the narrow meaning of the term,'' the economist Gordon Tullock once wrote. In his book '' The Selfish Gene ", the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins argued,  '' We are born selfish.''

In the public at large, only 30 percent of Americans say they trust people around them, suggesting quite a grim view of human nature. 

But what if the dark view of our nature is not true?

IN A RECENT experiment led by the psychologists Ryan J. Dwyer, William J. Brady and Elizabeth W. Dunn and the TED curator Chris Andersen, 200 people in seven nations around the world were each given $10,000, free, and then reported how they spent the money.

DID they keep it all themselves? No. On average, the participants spent more than $6,400 of it to benefit others, including almost $1,700 on donations to charity.

Of that prosocial spending, $3,678 went to people outside their immediate household, and $2,163 were spent on strangers, acquaintances and donations to organizations.

People used the money to take friends out for meals or to support families that had lost loved ones or to support an organization that provides construction training to marginalised people. Sounds pretty generous to me.

But wait a second, the cynic says. Maybe they were just spending that way so they could selfishly win status and applause. Not likely. Some of the people in the experiment were told to record their spending on Twitter, and the rest were told to keep their spending private.

There was little difference between those who published their outlays and those who didn't.

Overall, the researchers concluded that people find it rewarding to spend money on others.

This study is not an outlier. Over the past few decades, social scientists have devised many situations in which research subjects are given the chance to behave either selfishly or cooperatively.

In his book '' The Penguin and the Leviathan : The Triumph of Cooperation Over Self-Interest,'' Yochai Benkler of Harvard summarized the findings. In any given experiment, he reported about 30 percent of the people do, indeed behave selfishly.

But, he continued, ''fully half of all people systematically, significantly and predictably behave cooperatively.''

'' WE are all driven by a lot more than self-interest.''

The Great Honour and Serving of this Publishing continues. The World Students Society thanks most profoundly David Brooks.

With the most loving and respectful dedication to Mankind, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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