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MADDI KOCH loves to spread the gospel about a good movie. Her favorites are little-noted thrillers with few stars but juicy concepts or dig-your-nails-into-the sofa plot twists.

On Tik-Tok, where Ms. Koch has three million followers [ and goes by Maddi Moo ], her review of '' What happened to Monday, '' about a dystopian world where seven identical sisters share a single identity, has drawn over 24 million views. '' If I were to die tomorrow, I'd watch this tonight,'' she raved.

Ms. Koch, who is a senior at Virginia Tech and is sometimes paid by film companies to promote their work, says she makes videos to connect people and to spare them '' the pain over arguing over finding a movie or not knowing what you're really looking for.''

[ Most of her videos, including the '' What happened to Monday '' review, are not sponsored ]. When asked, she'll describe herself as a ''random girl'' who loves movies, a ''content creator,'' or, sure, even an ''influencer.''

But one title that she would never use might be the most obvious : ''Critic.'

'' I just don't see myself in that light,'' she said.

Ms. Koch, 22, is among dozens of personalities on TikTok, along with peers like Straw Hat Goofy and Cinema Joe, who reaches millions of people, analyzing or promoting movies. 

Several earn enough on the platform - from posts sponsored by Hollywood studios [ many have taken a break from working with them since the actors' strike] through one of TikTok's revenue sharing program or both - to make their passion for films a full-time job, a feast amid longstanding cuts to arts critic positions in newsroom.  

But the new school of film critic doesn't see much of itself in the old one. And some tenets of the profession - such as rendering judgments or making claims that go beyond one's personal taste - are now considered antiquated and objectionable.

'' When you read a critic's review, it almost sounds like a computer wrote it,'' said Cameron Kozak, 21, who calls himself a ''movie reviewer'' and has 1.5 million followers. '' But when you have someone on TikTok who you watch every day and you know their voice and what they like, there's something personal that people can connect to.''

On MovieTok - as the community is known - the most successful users generate posts at least one per day, with videos typically ranging between 30 and 90 seconds.

Many attempt to capture the viewer's attention within the first three seconds [ '' This movie is perfect for you if you never want to sleep again,'' begins Ms.Koch's review of the hit horror film ''Barbarian'' ] and speaks directly to the camera, with screenshots from the film in the background.    

Many creators, most in their 20s or early 30s, specialize within a particular niche. Joe Aragon [ Cinema Joe, 931,000 followers ] is known for his breakdowns of coming attractions; Monse Gutierrez [cynela, 1.4 million followers] and Bryan Lucious [stony_that_great, 387,000 followers] demystify and rank horror films; sethsfilmreviews, [250,000 followers] leans toward art house and foreign cinema.

Unlike film departments at major metropolitan newspapers or national magazines, individuals on MovieTok generally don't aspire to review every noteworthy film.

And while most expressed admiration for traditional critics' grasp of film history, they tended to associate the profession as a whole with false or unearned authority.

'' A lot of us don't trust critics,'' said Mr. Lucious, 31. He was one of the many who pointed to the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, where the scores of '' Top Critics'' often differ widely from those of casual users, as evidence that the critical establishment is out of touch.

'' They watch movies and are just looking for something to critique,'' he said. ''Fans watch movies looking for entertainment.''

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