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CHECK POINT RESEARCH - A GROUP PROVIDING  Cyber Threat Intelligence, found that cybercriminals were already experimenting with using ChatGPT to create malware.

While hacking typically requires a high level of  programming  knowledge, ChatGPT was giving novice programmers a leg up, said Mark Ostrowski, the head of engineering for Check Point.

'' The amount of power that could be circulating because of a tool like this is just going to be increased,'' he said. A.I. chatbot's ease at spinning deceptions has begun raising very loud alarms. Clean and convincing text pushed conspiracy theories and misleading narratives.

Soon after ChatGPT debuted last year, researchers tested what the artificial intelligence would write after it was asked questions peppered with conspiracy theories and false narratives.

The results - in writings formatted as news articles, essays and television scripts - were so troubling that the researchers minced no words.

'' This tool is going to be the most powerful tool for spreading misinformation that has ever been on the Internet,'' said Gordon Crovitz, a co-chief executive of NewsGuard, a company that tracks online misinformation and conducted the experiment last month.

'' Crafting a new false narrative can now be done at dramatic scale, and much more frequently - it's like having A.I. agents contributing to disinformation.''

Disinformation is difficult to wrangle when it's created manually by humans. Researchers predict that generative technology could make disinformation cheaper and easier to produce for an even larger number of conspiracy theorists and spreaders of disinformation.''

Personalized, real-time chatbots could change conspiracy theories in increasingly credible and persuasive ways, researchers say, smoothing out human errors like poor syntax and mistranslations and advancing beyond easily discoverable copy=paste jobs. And they say that no available mitigation tactics can effectively combat it.

Predecessors to ChatGPT, which was created by the San Francisco artificial intelligence company OpenAI, have been used for years to pepper online forums and social media platforms with [often gramattically suspect] comments and spam.

Microsoft had to halt activity from its Tay chatbot within 24 hours of introducing it on Twitter in 2016 after trolls taught it to spew racist and xenophobic language.

ChatGPT is far more powerful and sophisticated. Supplied with questions loaded with disinformation, it can produce convincing, clean variations on the content en masse within seconds, without disclosing its sources.

Just recently, Microsoft and OpenAI introduced a new Bing search engine and web browser that can use chatbot technology to plan vacations, translate texts or conduct research.

OpenAI researchers have long been nervous about chatbots falling into nefarious hands, writing in a 2019 paper of their '' concern that its capabilities could lower costs of disinformation campaigns'' and aid in the malicious pursuit ''of monetary gain, a particular political agenda, and / or a desire to create chaos and confusion.''

IN 2020, researchers at the Center on Terrorism, Extremism and Counterterrorism at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies found that ChatGPT-3, the underlying technology for ChatGPT, had '' impressively deep knowledge of extremist communities'' and -

And could be prompted to produce polemics in the style of mass shooters, fake forum threads discussing Nazism, a defense of QAnon and multilingual extremist texts.

OpenAI uses machines and humans to monitor content that is fed into and produced by ChatGPT, a spokesman said.  The company relies on both its human A.I. trainers and feedback from users to identify and filter out toxic training data while teaching ChatGPT to produce better-informed responses.

Open AI's policies prohibit use of its technology  to promote dishonesty, deceive or manipulate users or attempt to influence politics; the company offers a free moderation tool to handle content that promotes :

Hate, self-harm, violence or sex. But at the moment, the tool offers limited support for languages other than English and does not identify political material, spam, deception or malware.

ChatGPT cautions users that it ''may occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.'' 

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