Ha Giang - Vietnam : A two-wheeled thrill ride leads to mountainside settlements where Hmong and Tay culture lives.

The several-day loop by motorbike through Ha Giang highlands in northern Vietnam is not for the timid.

Getting to the city of Ha Giang takes six hours by road from Hanoi, and the loop's steep roads, serpentine passes and recurring switchbacks can make the journey both treacherous and exhilarating.

The remote tableau of sparing peaks and cavernous valleys inspires a deep connection to the landscape and its inhabitants.

Veer off the main road onto the narrow ribbons of concrete streaking the mountainsides and into the Hmong and Tay settlements dotting the hillsides and hollows.

To learn more about their cultures, you can hire a guide from QT motorbikes and Tours. 

Road improvement projects and new high-end accommodations have made the loop more accessible and inviting.

Don't miss a boat ride through the canyon on the emerald river at Ma Pi Leng Pass [ Patrick Scott ].


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