5 Pakistanis to make it to Forbes' '30 Under 30 Asia ' list : Forbes recently announced its eighth annual 30 Under Asia' list, featuring exceptional young entrepreneurs, leaders, trailblazers from the Asia-Pacific region.

Among the honorees are  five talented individuals from Proud Pakistan, who have made the nation proud with their remarkable achievements. These young Pakistanis have been recognized in various categories, including The Arts, Media, Marketing and Advertising, Finance & Venture Capital, and Social Impact.

.-  Ayesha Mubarak Ali for The Arts

Ayesha, an internationally acclaimed multimedia visual tech artist, has gained recognition for her unique fusion of traditional methods and digital technology. Her artwork explores diverse themes such as identity politics, light pollution, space applications, and the future of humanity.

Ayesha holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani artist to collaborate with NASA scientists.

Her artwork was even sent to the International Space Station through SpaceX for the Maleth Ii mission. She has showcased her fusion-art practice at prestigious international events and exhibitions, including the Karachi Biennale and Islington Mill Gallery.

.- Azam Mahmood for Media, Marketing & Advertising.

Azam, a talented screenwriter, has been acknowledged for his contributions to the entertainment industry. Azam has leveraged his storytelling skills to bring narratives of queer people of colour to major networks, a representation he felt was lacking during his upbringing in Karachi.

He currently serves as a story editor for the reboot of the drama series Queer as Folk and collaborates with Golden Globe-winning actor Ramy Youseef on the show he created, Ramy.

Azam's authentic storytelling reflects his own experiences, tackling topics like male vulnerability with sensitivity and humour.

.- Shershah Hassan and Waleed Amjad Islam for Finance & Venture Capital.

Ahershah and Waleed, the cofounders of KalPay, a Shariah-compliant buy-now-pay-later startup, have made waves in the field of finance and venture capital. With a focus on reaching Pakistan's vast Muslim population, KalPay aims to provide financial access in a country where credit card penetration is less than 1%.

By partnering with other tech companies like Foodpanda and Muawin, KalPay extends its reach and offers a convenient and accessible solution for transactions.

Supported by investors like Singapore-based Sabr Capital, which specializes in Shariah-compliant ventures, Hassan and Islam have spearheaded an innovative approach to financial inclusion.

.- Anas Niaz for Social Impact

Anas, the founder of Bioniks, a social enterprise established in 2016, has been recognized for his groundbreaking work in developing low-cost bionic arms.

Bioniks utilizes 3D printing technology to create custom-made prosthetics equipped with sensors and software, enabling users to manipulate objects using robotic fingers.

These affordable prosthetics, which can be updated and monitored via a cloud system, have made significant impact, particularly for individuals who cannot afford traditional prosthetics.

Bioniks also facilitates connections between those in need and potential donors, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and support within the community.

The recognition of these young Pakistanis on Forbes' 30 Under 30 Asia list is a testament to their talent, passion, and dedication.

They are not only making their mark within Pakistan but also contributing to the global landscape of their respective industries.

Their achievements serve as an inspiration for the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, as Pakistan continues to build a future that embraces creativity, diversity, and positive change.

The World Students Society thanks The Express Tribune.


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