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''' '' TECH'S !WOW! 

TITAN* '' '''

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Imaginative. Meticulous. Responsible. With total respect for law and culture but like a startled deer, Zilli, often finds me in gravitating soliloquy :

'' LLaMA, I sing and hum, '' is an open source code, is an Almighty God's sent opportunity. That would level the field for artificial intelligence, that would blast !WOW! into an interstellar orbit. ''

And then sotto voce, I add. "' We have to get inside the app. We have to find the DNA.'' That would help us spread our influence and speed towards the next wave of every single innovation. '' Imagine all that wealth going to The World Students Society - all for the students of the world.''


EDUCATION, CODING, PUBLISHING, research, indexing, surgery, Law, all support services, innovations, inventions, realtors, architectural work, accounting work - all head for the permanent archives.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY, - CONSUMERS - and governments will resist and battle A.I. unless it is outside the control of companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft...... The Tech Titans will win hands down. CURTAINS.

CONSIDER : The Kashmiris suffering will get solved. India and Pakistan will celebrate great neighbourly emotions. Israel and Palestine will live in love and eternal peace. Rohingyas will get their rights. The separatist movements, and oppression will vanish.

MANKIND will head for other planets. Passports and Visas and Sanctions and Restrictions will vanish. Mankind's completeness will reign supreme. Just next 10 years or so. Give and take a few years.

The Great Lord God Reigns Supreme. ''You - The Global Founder Framers, empower yourself. Empower yourself as a team to succeed big time.'' 

IN FEBRUARY, Meta made an unusual move in the super rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence : it decided to give away its  A.I. crown jewels.

The Silicon Valley giant, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, had created an A.I. technology, called LLaMa, that can power online chatbots. But instead of keeping the technology to itself, Meta released the system's underlying computer code into the wild. 

Academics, government researchers and others who gave their email address to Meta could download the code once the company had vetted the individual.

Essentially, Meta was giving its A.I. technology away as open-source software - computer code that can be freely copied, modified and reused -providing outsiders with everything they needed to quickly build chatbots of their own.

'' The platforms that will win will be the open one,''  Yann LeCun, Meta's chief A.I. scientist, said in an interview.

As a race to lead A.I. heats up across Silicon Valley, Meta is standing out from its rivals by taking a different approach to the technology. Driven by its founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta believes that the smartest thing to do is share its underlying A.I. engines as a way to spread its influence and ultimately move faster toward the future.

Its actions contrast with those of Google and OpenAI, the leaders in the A.I. race. Worried that A.I. tools like chatbots will be used to spread disinformation, hate speech and other toxic content, those companies are increasingly secretive about the methods and software that underpin their A.I. products.

Google, OpenAI and others have been critical of Meta, saying an unfettered open-source approach is dangerous. A.I.'s rapid rise in recent months has raised alarm bells about the technology's risk, including ways it could upend the job market if it is not properly deployed.

Within days of LLaMa's release, the system leaked onto 4chan, the online message board known for spreading false and misleading information.

'' We want to think more carefully about giving away details or open sourcing code'' of A.I. technology, said Zoubin Ghahramani, a Google vice president for research who helps oversee A.I. work. '' Where can that lead to misuse?''

Some within Google have also wondered if open-sourcing A.I. technology may pose a competitive threat. In a memo this month, which was leaked on the online publication Semianalysis.com A Google engineer warned colleagues that the rise of open-source software like LLaMA could cause Google and OpenAI to lose their lead in A.I.

BUT META said it saw no reason to keep its code to itself. Dr. LeCun said that consumers and  governments will refuse to embrace A.I. unless it is outside the control of companies like Google and Meta.

'' Do you want every A.I. system to be under the control of a couple of powerful American companies? '' he asked.

OpenAI declined to comment.

Meta's open-source approach to A.I. is not novel. The history of technology is littered with battles  between open source and proprietary, or closed, systems. Most recently, Google open sourced the Android mobile operating system to take on Apple's dominance in smartphones.

Many companies have openly shared their A.I. technologies in the past, at the insistence of researchers. But their tactics are changing because of the race around A.I. That shift began last year when OpenAI released ChatGPT.

The chatbot's wild success wowed consumers and kicked up the competition in the A.I. field, with Google moving quickly to incorporate more A.I.into its products and Microsoft investing $13 billion in OpenAI.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Artificial Intelligence, Jobs, and the future, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Cade Metz and Mike Isaac.

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