Methana, Greece : A hike a stroll or run into the Bronze Age followed by a soak in an ancient tub.

The nearest active volcano to Athens, Methana, sits on a peninsula of the same name some 30 miles, or 48 kilometers, southwest of the Greek capital.

Though largely unknown to tourists, the area is slowly evolving, in part because of its increasing popularity as a hiking destination.

In recent years, groups of locals have managed to reopen and map old walking paths, some of which date to the Mycenaean Era, creating hiking trails that attracts visitors from around the world.

[So far more than 18 miles have been cleared and marked.]

The Methana Volcano Challenge, first organised in 2021, offers a trail run across the peninsula's sloping landscape.

Visitors to this volcanic peninsula can also enjoy several several hot springs, the most interesting of which is an ancient [ and recently renovated ] tab known as the Pausanias Baths near the village of Agios Nikolaos. [Demetrios Ioannou]


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