On The World Students Society - for every subject in the world, Founders :

Zilli and Juniper have been helping me with advance diligence as ''anticipatory honours '' to help pick a great partner.

THE TOO BIG FOUR : EY - DELOITTE - KPMG - PWC just stand out the entire world over.

'' WHOEVER SAID don't question things? We say question everything.'' So began the television commercial that EY aired in 2021 during the Super Bowl.

The big four are the heavyweight champions of professional services. They dominate market for audits - checking the books for 493 of the companies in America's S&P 500 index and the big proportion of European blue chips.

They also offer clients one-stop shop for advice on issues from dealmaking to digitalisation. Together, as of last year, they employed 1.4 million people and generated $190 billion in fees, up from $134 billion in 2017.

KPMG, the smallest of the big four, generates three times the revenue of McKinsey, the high priest of strategy consulting.

When the research and due diligence is done and over with, the Global Founder Framers will have to debate and decide on picking one. 

'' On The World Students Society - the most democratic organization in the world, '' the veto power'' lies with the Global Founder Framers and of total power, - it lies with the students of the world. ''

Nothing works without the students approval. And such tantalising research and due diligence could only come from founders, Zilli and Juniper.

The World Students Society thanks ' The Economist '.


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