1,001 nights, by ChatGPT : As people facing challenges, parental or romantic, have found an artificial assistant.

'' Once Upon A Time : For Naif Alanazi, a 35-year-old Ph.D. student at Kent State University, bedtime is a sacred ritual for him and his 4-year-old daughter, Yasmeen. '' I have to work all day,'' he said. '' This is our special time.''

His Saudi Arabian family has a deep tradition of telling oral stories. Wanting to continue it, he used to try to connect new, thrilling tales each evening. '' Do you know how difficult is to come up with something new every day?'' he asked, laughing.

Now, he lets the bot do the work.

Every night he asks ChatGPT to create a story that involves people [ his daughter's teacher, for instance ] and places [school, the park ] from her day, along with a cliffhanger at the end so he can continue the story the next night.

''Sometimes I ask it to add a value she needs to learn, like honesty or being kind to others,'' he said.

'' Being able to give her something that is more than a generic story, something that can increase our bond and show her that I am interested in her daily life,'' he said, ''it makes me feel so much closer to her.''

Love Languages : Anifa Musengimana, 25, who is in a graduate school for international marketing in London, is certain that chat bots can help make the tedium of online dating more interesting.

'' I am having a lot of repetitive conversations on these apps,'' she said. '' The app can give me fun ideas of what to talk about, and maybe I'll find better people to date.''

'' If I get intriguing answers, I will be drawn in,'' she said.

She said she would tell her match she was using the tool. '' I would want a guy who finds it funny,'' she said. '' I wouldn't want a guy who is so serious that he gets mad at me for doing it.''

Some are using chat bots to enhance the relationship they already have.

James Gregson, 40, a creative director who lives in Avon, Conn., has been using ChatGPT to draft love letters to his wife. 

'' I'm not a poet. I am not a songwriter. But I can take topics on things my wife might like and put it into a song or a poem,'' he said.

He also believes in full disclosure : '' I am going to give her one, but I am going to tell her who wrote it,'' he said. '' I am not trying to con her.''

The World Students Society thanks author Alyson Krueger.


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