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THE WORLD RESET : THE WORLD STUDENT SOCIETY - is the exclusive ownership of every student of Africa, just as it is the exclusive ownership of every student in the world. ''Welcome All To !WOW! ''

ESTEEMED FOUNDERS WATCH : '' FATTER ELEPHANT - LEANER DRAGON.''  And then, esteemed, respected and honoured journalist Karan Thapar : fair, defiant, bold and brilliant. Purely World Class : 

Now Karan :

!WOW! Honours Your Great Self : '' Nobody is suggesting that implementing the World reset by any measure whatsoever, will be easy.

The challenges are monumentally daunting. The world needs institutions that work, capable, humane and caring leaders, civil servants and private-sector professionals who are dedicated, qualified, disciplined and educated. And there should be no room for corruption. "O Dear, Me.''

The World must improve its governance systems with institutions that inspire trust and confidence in the whole of mankind........................

WHETHER YOU BLAME IT ON COLONIALISM OR THE DESPOTS who came later, Africa has long been written off as a hopeless continent.

As we emerge from the global pandemic, how do we build on our experiences of covid-19 and learn the lessons from the disruptions in global supply chains - and the way the Africans were pushed to the back of the queue for vaccines? Africa needs to cast aside the begging bowl and take responsibility for its own future.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots offer new possibilities. We must not be swept aside but must surf this technological wave. Ours is a young, dynamic continent, with a massive untapped market.

We cannot and must not be judged by our past when our potential for greatness and inclusive prosperity is so enormous.

As previous technological revolutions, Africa was at best a spectator and not a player. Now, Africa's youthful population must provide an invaluable demographic dividend.

It's time to discard the inward-looking, tired notion that our focus must be on African solutions to African problems. Covid taught us that we are one humanity, intertwined. The key is to invest smartly in science and technology and ensure Africans are at the forefront of progress.

Africans can and must play an active meaningful role in finding global solutions to global problems.

Take the minerals of the future, those that will underpin the urgent and inevitable decarbonisation of the global economy. They are mainly in Africa. So how do we leverage this to maximise Africa's contribution and benefit?

No longer can we tolerate the paradox that we are the richest continent in resources., but the poorest in economic development.

We must use our endowment of green minerals to build a solid industrial and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Energy security looms large, and we must pivot our focus towards green energy in Africa - not just through the supply of minerals, but by tapping our own potential in solar and wind power, and in cutting edge technologies like green hydrogen.

Meanwhile, it is unacceptable that just 1% of the vaccines used in Africa are produced there. Now that Africa has proved its capacity and capability to be a world-class vaccine manufacturer through Aspen Pharmacare's state-of-the-art facility in South Africa, why doesn't the world source and procure more of its vaccines from Africa?

Nobody is suggesting that implementing this continental reset will be easy. The challenges are daunting. We will need institutions that work, capable leaders, civil servants and private-sector professionals who are qualified, disciplined, capable and educated.

And there should be no room for corruption. Impossible? Of course not. Look at countries like Singapore that deliver. They have the right people in the right jobs doing the right things, with proper management skills - not the political appointees who infest some parts of Africa.

For Africa to take off, the private sector also needs to be more actively involved. We need more private-sector solutions to Africa's public-sector problems - to get things moving at all levels, from local to regional to national to global.

Meanwhile, Africa must reset its relationship with the world, and move from being historically inefficient and often corrupt recipient of aid to a strategic partner. 

Now is the time for Africa to pivot from aid to trade and investment, as the foundation for a new strategic and mutually beneficial partnership with the world at large.

The Honour and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The World, Africa, and The World Students Society, continues. !WOW! - thanks most respectfully Kuseni Dlamini, Chairman of Massmart and Aspen Pharmacare and 'The Economist.'

With most respectful dedication the Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society, Parents, Leaders, and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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