Headline, April 24 2022/ ''' '' CHILD -ABUSE- CHILLS '' '''

''' '' CHILD -ABUSE-

 CHILLS '' '''

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY is Mankind's giant solution, greatness and selfless service lab,  for all the ills of the world.

GLOBAL FOUNDER FRAMERS : '' DO CONSIDER AND UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF PRAYING with your eyes wide open. '' ' Great wealth and its many dangers are very much a part of the world story,'  Prof Paul Krugman.

ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world, a team of Global Founder Framers has long been working on priority No 1 : A Global Child / Student Abuse Policy. ' No culture,' I warned, ' should be able to swallow it.'

The Policy so and when finished - will be up for consideration of The Global Founder Framers, and then placed before the students of the world, for debate and alterations. If the Policy gets approved, your elected members will then implement and evolve it in the highest democratic traditions.

What is the relationship between mind and body?

Maybe the mind is like a video game controller, moving the body around the world, taking it on joy rides. Or maybe the body manipulates the mind with hunger, sleepiness and anxiety, something like the way a river steers a canoe.

Is the mind like electromagnetic waves, flickering in and out of our light-bulb bodies? Or is the mind a car on the road? A ghost in the machine.

Maybe no metaphor will ever quite fit, because there is no distinction between mind and body : There is just experience, or some kind of physical process, a gestalt.

These questions, agonized over by philosophers for centuries, are gaining new urgency as sophisticated machines with artificial intelligence begin to infiltrate society. This will make child / student abuse tracking, overseeing and preventing, a very, very complex task.

BE WARNED : '' The light will get dimmer out across the world.''

OFFENDERS CONTINUE TO TRADE TIPS on dark-web forums about how to find the material on Twitter, according to posts found by the Canadian center.

On January 12, one user described following hundreds of ''legit'' Twitter accounts that sold videos of young boys who were tricked into sending explicit recordings of themselves.

Another user characterized Twitter as an easy venue for watching sexual abuse videos of all types. ''People share so much,'' the user wrote.

The World Students Society has a master and a total focus on child safety, and it is both endearing and satisfying that we are doubling our efforts on the basics every three months or so.

In all, the computer program found imagery of 10 victims appearing over 150 times across multiple accounts, most recently on Thursday. The accompanying tweets often advertised child rape videos and included links to encrypted platforms.

Alex Stamos, the director of the Stanford Internet Observatory and the former top security executive at Facebook, found the results alarming. ''Considering the focus Musk has put on child safety, it is surprising they are not doing the basics,'' he said.

Separately, to confirm The Time's findings, the Canadian Center ran a test to determine how often one video series involving known victims appeared on Twitter. Analysts found 31 different videos shared by more than 40 accounts, some of which had been retweeted and liked thousands of times.

The videos depicted a young teenager who had been extorted online to engage in sexual acts was a prepubescent child over a period of months.

The center also did a broader scan against the most explicit video in their database. There were more than 250 hits, with more than 174,000 likes and 63,000 tweets.

'' The volume we're able to find with a minimal amount of effort is quite significant,'' said Lloyd Richardson, the technology director at the Canadian center. ''It shouldn't  be the job of external people to find this sort of content sitting on their system.''

To find the material, Twitter relies on software created by an anti-trafficking organization called Thorn. But Twitter has stopped working with Thorn to improve the technology. The collaboration had industrywide benefits, because other companies use the software.

Twitter's relationship with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children / Students has also suffered according to people who work there.

John Shehan, an executive of the center, said he was worried about the ''high level of turnover'' at Twitter and where the company ''stands in trust and safety and their commitment to identifying and removing child sexual abuse material from their platform.''

In December 2021, Twitter took an average 1.6 days to respond to 98 notices; last December, after Mr. Musk took over the company, it took 3.5 days to respond to 55. By January, it had greatly improved taking 1.3 days to respond to 82.

The Canadian center, which serves the same function in that country, said it had seen delays as long as a week. In one instance, the Canadian center detected a video on Jan.6 depicting the abuse of a naked girl, age 8 to 10. 

The organization said it sent out daily notices for about a week before Twitter removed the video.   

The Publishing continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Michael H. Keller and Kate Conger.

With most respectful dedication to the Students of India, Social Media giants, Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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